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Steam Brew

Written by Salen

This cafe is the busiest business in all of gar, maybe all of Garon'd. They serve the people drinks and toasted breads of varrying flavors and they have such unique drinks that the people will travel great distances to have some.


Built out of stone and red clay brick, this café is an oddity to the surrounding dark stone buildings


Built over 20 years ago, this café is the most prominent business in Gar, maybe all of Garon'd. It only had two drinks when it opened, yet those two were so unique that it drew the people from all over. After a year of business, they expanded to a menu of twelve drinks and started serving toasted bread with their drinks.

Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location

Strange Drinks

The odd drinks found here at Steam Brew include:
  • Faerie Tears
  • Hot Elven Myst
  • Steamed Dwarven Lava
  • Goblin Blood

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