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Realm of Syll

Written by Salen

The Realm of Syll is a relative place not anywhere on Tamia at all, but slightly to the left. Faeries used to call this Stepping sideways to the Moon, but in reality its crossing dimensional pathways with the aid of Ether. Syll is the ultimate power here in this realm, and any who oppose her in this domain are either foolish or unknowing of what they are trying.  


Time does not flow normally here in this realm, and beings who visit here will find its effects disquieting at best. For every hour they spend here in this realm, one day goes by in the real world. As suspected, most of the historic references to people disappearing for years and coming back looking the same can be attributed to this phenomenon.


The Realm of Syll consists of a large rock, about twenty feet in diameter, that rests in a clearing of beautiful trees; pine trees and dark birch trees to be exact, her favorites. The realm is small only to the eyes and is the appropriate size for any who enter here. Any being that is powerful enough to find this place, or those that are invited, find that it is as big or small as it needs to be at that moment. The realistic feel of this dimension is just like an ancient forest, complete with trilling birds, smells, and weather as Syll commands.
Dimensional plane
Syll, Goddess of Magic & Nature

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