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Obsidian Blades

Written by Salen

These unique blades, most often fashioned into daggers and knives, are the secret workings of the Dwarves of Nagar. They are never sold on any market and only rewarded to the most stalwart heroes. Owning an obsidian blade illegally is tantamount to a death sentence in Nagar, and banishment anywhere else. No dwarven smith will ever teach a non dwarf how to make these amazing weapons, and even the elves seem mystified as to how the stout folk make them so durable.   The blades are made out of obsidian harvested from the nearby volcanic rock and fashioned into deadly weapons that never break no matter how much damage is done to them. It is suspected that if enough pressure is applied to one it would shatter to dust, but not actually break. The blades themselves tend to ignore most forms of armor that isn't made of metal, and even against metal they still do considerable damage. They are very lightweight, even when larger blades are fashioned (which is rare, yet not unheard of) and feel cold to the touch.


badge of honor

Item type
Weapon, Melee
2 lbs
1 - 2 ft
Raw materials & Components

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