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Nym Forest

Written by Salen

Located in the southeastern part of Tamia, this mysterious forest is bathed in stories and myth. Originally home to the faeries, this dark enchanted forest still holds many secrets and tales of missing adventurers abound. Some say there are still magical cities here, lost and abandoned all those decades ago, others tell of wicked creatures that protect the wood from outsiders.


The Forest of Nym is a temperate wood, experiencing the months as usual, but with minor exceptions. There are some places in the forest that are still protected from the ravages of the cold and heat, staying serene throughout the year. This is due to the energies of the fading city of Nym, still connected to the world even if faintly.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
Characters in Location

Guardian of the Wood

The rumors of a guardian monster aren't all stories, indeed there is such a creature that lurks here fulfilling an ages old promise. Vainilenaryl is a young dragon, just into his green scales. he made this promise when the faeries departed this world and has never regretted that decision. he keeps people away from where the city of Nym once stodd, mainly because of the energies that still pervade the area.

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