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Mind Control

Written by Salen

This extreme power is thankfully rare in Psions and is the only one that comes in just one strength; major. The ability to command others minds is a frightening things and has sparked much fear in Psions over the centuries. Most of the horror stories that spawned these beings comes from this power.  


The Psion can command other beings by giving them orders to do their bidding no matter what the victim thinks or feels. This extends to hurting others, hurting themselves, or otherwise doing things that would cause them to rail against the order that the Psion puts in their mind. Thankfully this cannot be done from a great distance. The Psion has to have eye contact and the person must be able to see and hear them, but that is the only limitation.



Related Discipline
sight and hearing
Applied Restriction
Must have eye contact and be able to talk to subject.

Other Defenses

The other defense against the Psion's Mind Control is the Psion's Mind Shielding, or the Mage's ether shields that they can erect. These stop the Psion from being able to reach the mind to give it commands, and helps the casters fend off the attack

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