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Aleksandr Devir

Written by Salen

Wandering bard and warrior from the nation of Syll, he shoots from the hip and has a wit sharper than his elven slim sword. He is always in the wrong place at the wrong time; or is he? He has a flare for the dramatic and usually speaks his mind a bit too quickly. He has powers that he hides for fear of persecution (Psion), and he gets by with his odd tales and stories. He wears rose colored, round glasses to hide his silver eyes, a top hat, and dresses in ruffled clothes and a Burgundy long coat over his white or grey suits. He favors his six shooter named Confessor and is famous for his skill with an elven slim sword. Few have gone against him and come out unscathed, and those that did are counted among his friends and compatriots.  

Aleksandr saw the other man draw a pistol and smiled. "Well I have to thank you gentlemen. I've been waiting for this all day."

"For what?" Delvin said, oblivious to the danger.

"For this." He said, to no one in particular, drawing his six shooter which he had named Confessor. He shot the other man's hand, sending his pistol spinning into the snow, and then smiled at the big man in front of him. He spun then, kicking out and sending the big man back and taking aim as he came around once more, firing into the man's face, taking his eye clean out and sidestepping as he fell dead to the ground. It was over in less than twenty seconds, and the other man just stared at him like he was a monster. The man wouldn't have been wrong. "Have a pleasant day now." He said as he walked on as the man left alive threw up whatever he had been drinking amid the whistles of the city guard. Aleksandr kept walking; not bothering to hurry as he would fade into the crowd quicker than the drunk could point him out.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Anyone seeing Aleksandr would know that he is in good physical shape. Any warrior that sees him knows that he is a little more than that. His stance seems always ready for trouble and the subtle shift of his feet tells any who would know that he already is anticipating your move.

Special abilities

Aleksandr is a Psion, and as such has powers that rival that of a magus. The extent of his powers aren't recorded, but from accounts of his exploits it can be assumed that he has the following Psion powers:

  • Mind Reading - minor
  • Item Reading - minor
  • Danger Intuition - Major
  • Mental Shielding - Major
  • Mental Wave - Major

Specialized Equipment

Confessor, Black Powder Six Shooter

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the Nation of Syll, Aleksandr favored his human father in almost every aspect. He learned to fight almost instantly as his parents knew that as a Psion their son would be under constant threat. He honed his skills with his blade, and his father taught him how to shoot, it was his mind that needed training more than anything else. He often let his undisciplined mind lash out and soon they had to leave his village and the safety of the high trees, lest they be dragged in front of the elven King. His mother knew of a group in the far northern villages that had Psions in hiding and brought her son there to train. Sadly his father would never make it.   They were attacked halfway there by bandits who, sadly only wanted money. His father fought them off but was shot through the heart and Aleksandr lashed out with his mind, killing all of the bandits instantly. It was too late for his father though. They brought the body with them and when they arrived his mother left him there to travel back to the capitol to collect on her husbands right of death. She was never heard from again.   Years went by and Aleksandr learned to control and hone his powers. He was taught to hide them from the general public, knowing that fear and distrust often led to persecution. He picked up many stories from the village as well and one day a traveling bard stopped in and took a shine to young Aleksandr. The half-elf convinced Aleksandr to leave with him, and together they traveled the land, telling stories of derring-do and vallaint heroes. It wasn't long before Aleksandr was off on his own, now a traveling bard himself and he put all of his training to use righting wrongs and protecting the downtrodden.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aleksandr has gained a reputation across the four nations as a hero and bard. His exploits are the tales told around campfires or in taverns, and he is recognized in almost any court of hall by his demeanor and his Burgundy long coat. His achievements during the Gear Revolution are the stuff of legend and have made him even more famous for being the hero that saved the heir of Anor.

Morality & Philosophy

His one weakness (he would call it his strength) Is that he always has to help those in need. Certainly he has his priorities, he knows he can't save everyone, and he has let people die in the past if it meant saving others. That being said, he always chooses the right thing to do in any given situation, and has his share of ghosts he has to live with.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

His one vice would have to be the ladies. Aleksandr has a very hard time ignoring a pretty face, and more often than not it gets him in trouble.


Contacts & Relations

Aleksandr is associated with the resistance and is a major player in the revolution.

Current Location
Nation of Nagar
Year of Birth
721 (50 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Born of a Human and a Half-elf, Aleksandr inherited the powers of his mother; a powerful Psion.
Nation of Syll
Long Black
Known Languages
Aleksandr can speak Elven, common, and even sylvan fluently. His dwarven is good, if not a little rusty, and he is currently working on learning goblin.

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