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Accounts of the Fall of Rhanmar

Written by Salen

These thin, dusty tomes have been preserved by divine magic. The books aren't complete, as some pages are missing and many others are ruined by blood or blade. What is readable is in ancient dwarven and seems to be the personal journals of Gravish Talonrider, Thane of Rhanmar. They tell the accounts of the First War and what happened when the dwarves retreated to the safety of their mountain nation of Nagar.  

Accounts of the Fall of Rhanmar cover


Rhanmar was one of the first cities that the dwarves built in the Black mountains. It was the western most city in that range and the first to bear the brunt of the First War when the dwarves retreated and pulled their tunnels down behind them. That was all that was known of that time until these books were found ten years ago by a research excavation team. The rest of the dwarven nation all assumed that the lost city of Rhanmar was a casualty in the main war, never knowing what horror happened right next to them, or how close it all came to wiping them all out. When these documents were released to the public, they inspired the dwarves and Gravish's name became synonymous with determination in battle.


The purpose of these books was clearly documenting the Thane's accounts and recording what had happened. The way they begin it is clear that he thought they would live to see the end of this conflict, so it is assumed that this was made for bragging rights, a way to show his King that he was responsible for the victory. What happened however is a tragedy and has gone down in dwarven history as both their greatest loss, and their greatest defense in all of time.

Journal, Personal
Nation of Nagar

What we know now

The big shock with these books is that the accounts end up above in the Black Mountains, supposedly fighting both a dragon and ambushing the remaining elves coming after them. However, these books were found deep in the ruins of the fallen city in the hands of a one armed, dwarven skeleton. At first thought to be an unknown soldier in the dwarven army, after the books were gone over, it was determined that the skeleton belonged to Gravish himself! It is surmised that he alone survived both the dragon and the ambush, possibly coming back to his city to die alone. The fact that there were elven bones found around his body seems to say that he died fighting at least.

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