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The village of Undakill is quite young, only founded around 50 or so years ago. A mining town, funded by the father of the current mayor/leader. Undakill is located on the edge of a wasteland and whilst the area is rich in ore and other minerals, the low amount of natural flora and fauna can make the area depressing to live in.   The name is believed to have come from a mistranslation of a word used by the founder. Once the mistake had been noticed in official records it was too late and the process to legally change the name would have been too much hassle for the founders.   Undakill, despite being predominantly human populated, is a fairly welcoming if small village, but those who do pass through say there is an odd aura to the place, as if something is always watching you.


The population is almost entirely human (96%), with much smaller numbers of halflings (2%), elves (1%) and other races (1%).


Village Council, headed by a noble aristocrat, the human lady Evet


A few of the inhabitants are in the local militia, otherwise, there are no defences to speak of.

Industry & Trade

Ore processing, a proverbial mining town


Broken Shovel, the main tavern and focal point of the town.

Guilds and Factions

Two main factions exist. The Expansionists and the Stalwarts. The Expansionists want to expand and make the village bigger and attract more citizens, the Stalwarts want to keep things as they are.


Founded just under 50 years ago, Undakill was established to be a place for the workers(including their families) of the local mine to live.


The buildings are mostly made from a form of treated wood, very little stone is used on the regular buildings, but a few is used on important places, such as the village hall.


Bordering a wasteland area, yet still viable

Natural Resources

Oil, ores, gemstones and rare plants
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization

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