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Skrank - The foulest dish ever

What the hell IS that smell?

By the 12...what is's in my eyes...FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I CAN FEEL IT IN MY EYES
— Most peoples reaction to encountering Skrank for the first time
  The Nation house of Vapos is known for many things: Vapos Spice , it's navy and many others. But One "well-known" secret is that of Skrank.   Skrank was brought to Easthalen by Terrex when their founders arrived here from another world. They introduced it to Vapos as a joke, but in combination with their spices it became something almost tolerable...almost.   You see, Skrank is based off a dish called "kæstur hákarl" (referred to as fermented shark or rotten shark in English) is a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark or other sleeper shark which has been cured with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months. Skrank is a variation of that with various meats being used, not just shark. In a world with fantastic monsters such as aquatic dragons, were-sharks and so-on this can produce some very...interesting...results. There is a legend or story that the name Skrank came from the reaction of the first local of Vapos to try this dish and couldn't not form the right word to describe the sensation and reaction she was having.   Over the years since it was brought here many variations of Skrank have been created, but it's popularity outside of Vapos is practically non-existent. It has become a tradition for locals to get new tourists to try "the local delicacy" and many visitrs go-on to prank their freinds by insting they should try this really great serious I think you will love it...and so on.   A common tradition holds that when eating Skrank , a potent beverage, such as rum, or vodka, is served. This combined with the fact that, technically speaking, Skrank doesn't "go off" makes it an ideal, yet pungent, source of nourishment on long sea voyages.
Uncommon in Vapos, Very Rare outside of it.
Typical a dish of Skrank is no more than 200 grams, not including the spices and traditional rice.
Base Price
Ranges from 50 copper to 500 gold, depending on "quality" age and other factors.
Raw materials & Components
Rotted Meat


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