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The Tautans

The Tautanians, those that make their sword sip the blood of their enemies.

Once started as one of the lesser unknown tribes has rapidly gained it's reputation over the early years and later became one of the most fearful tribes within the lands of Ra'myr. The Tautanians, ,from the Tautans tribe, is said to be crafters and soldiers. There is no exact date of when the early Tautanians walked upon the lands, however, we do know that they did participate in numerous big events within Ra'myr.


Whether the famous person known as Ra'thol the Explorer was a kinsman from the Tautans is still a discussing between historians, however, this is most unlikely since Ra'thol the Explorer's adventures which were recorded on his logs were written approximately a hundred years before the event of ''The rusty swords and wooden spears.''

Gorak the Devourer

Throughout the years, like all the tribes, chieftains were replaced one by another, Some which lasted a day whilst others for years. Throughout research within the lands, historians confirmed that there was a certain chieftain by the name of Gorak the Devourer, it is rather unknown whether he created the tribe or if he succeeded the previous chieftain. Gorak the Devourer was a reckless chieftain that had no mercy in murdering his enemies in gruesome ways. Because of his way of leadership he managed to exterminate various tribes, but as always everything comes with a price. As soon as the tribe became larger, every leader knows that almost impossible to control your territories, Gorak refused the requests made by his local advisors to create vassals that can control some of his lands. Those that pressed on with that request, he would've just simply behead. On the 3th battle against the H'ilaks tribe, they were on the losing side, Gorak was surrounded by his enemies. It is said, though this would most likely never be confirmed since the research has been stopped, that Gorak sliced up the belly of one of his fallen soldiers and took out his liver and munched it right in front of his enemies. Before he got taken out by a unknown H'ilak archer, he killed all of the H'ilak soldiers which surrounded him.

Gumar the Noble


G'thor and G'mar, the twins


Winter's Red Season

The Tautans and the H'ilak's were both two small tribes and have known each others as enemies for generations. The Tautans, known for their long heights and their thick and wide arms mastered the use of the battle axes. While the H'ilak's on the other hand prefered taking to take out their enemies from a long range with poorly bows yet deadly arrows, and when the enemy got close to them, they take out their small swords to engage them at close combat. Though they engage each other on the open field, they both had one thing in common, which is having the same enemy. The enemy, one of the largest tribes back then, they were known as the Ra'lirak.

After a certain period both the Tautans and the H'ilak's avoided fighting each other and by doing so, also avoided any contact. Both tribes made allegiances with smaller tribes through diplomacy or even by force. Both the tribes had two reasons for doing this. One, to become bigger which make other tribes scared to engage them and the second one is to fight against the Ra'lirak.

In the end of the year 497, when Ra'myr had never felt so much snow on top of it's grass, the Tautans were standing with a massive army, consisting of twelve tribes, approximately thirteen hundred soldiers, all pledged alliance to the Tautans. They were standing in front of the base of the Ra'lirak's, the camp was fillied with unlimited amount of poorly created huts. The Ra'lirak's, known for their savagery and barbarism ways of slaying their enemies, stood there on top of the hills, mocking their enemies.

A few hours later, footsteps were heard from the distance and on the other side the H'ilak's stood near the base of the Ra'lirak with fifteen tribes, approximately fifteen hundred soldiers, that joined them. It is said, that the chieftain of the Tautans and the H'ilak's were staring at each other for roughtly two hours long before they launched the battle. Even thought the Tautans and the H'ilak shared the same enemy, they were also slaughtering each other when they came across one and other.

This event is known as the Winter's Red Season as the battle lasted roughly two weeks with reinforcements joining from the three factions every day. Stories tell that the snow within and outside the base of Ra'lirak was turned red and that the smell of corpses and blood made men go mad.

The trailing blood

After the horror event known as the Winter's Red Season, the Ra'lirak were extinct after the fight. The gruesome fight took first place outside the base and eventually both the Tautans and the H'ilak marched inside the base and slaughtered anyone, may it be men, women or children hiding inside their huts. Historians have later confirmed that the Tautans have won the battle as they slaughtered the last remaining H'ilak's soldiers.

The Tautans, however, were not finished, soon after the battle was over, they were marching to the base of the H'ilak whilst limping and stumbling, leaving a trail of thick blood on the snow, just to slaughter any women and children to prevent them for creating anymore soldiers and to prevent them from producing any children. After this event, the H'ilak were extinct.

by Gary Freeman

    • Unknown (before the year 431)
    • Gorak the Devourer
    • Gumar the Noble
    • Unknown ruler
    • G'thor and G'mar, the twins
    • G'thor
    • None (present)

Government type:
    • approximately 85.000 (year 431)
    • approximately 7.000.000 (year 496)
    • approximately 1300 (year 498)
    • extinct (present)

Significant presence in


Sa'tur's tribe
M'kar's tribe
Gork's tribe
R'imitars's tribe
numerous unnamed lesser tribes.


H'ilak's tribe
Ra'lirak's tribe

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