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The Order of the Church

Faith gives hope to those seeking for it. It doesn't matter whether it's a soldier hoping to slay the next enemy or a farmer hoping for it's crops, faith has always been there. Faith is frequent resembled with religion. The Order of the Church is a military order of religious zealots.


Not long after Joric's death by a centaur, the loyal chieftains, which most of them were followers of the religion White's Hope, swore to establish a military order with their primary goal to exterminate the centaurs within the Forest of Serenity. They are known for proselytism, the spreading of a religion. Nowadays, within the lands of Ra'Myr, the majority of it's population are followers of White's Hope. The Order of the Church are also known for their monthly patrols, visiting villages and cities, to recruit young and fresh men and women to join their ranks.

The Red Coast

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Though back then most of the warring tribes were located in the center of Ra'Myr, the tribes situated within the northwestern part of the land has never knew what rest and peace was. The White Coast has gained it's name not long after a certain, impactful and important even which took place within that part of the land. Back then the name of the known coast, which if one would stand on it and look straight to the west, will look straight to a small island, with only a thin line of land connecting that island to the coast. This coast, was known back then as the Red Coast.

On the small island there was a unnamed group, which denied to be recognized as a tribe, but more of an Order. They proudly proclaimed to be the true inhabitants of this land, so they call themselves the Ra'Myrians. This rather group, this Order, were better organized and knew the climate, animals, plants and everything which takes place within this land. This Order has protected this island from many attacks from different tribes throughout hundred of years. They claim that their victory comes because of their faith, known as the White's Hope.

The leader of the Order, history records have yet to uncover the name of this leader, has begun a march to the east of the island, to explore the Red Coast and conquer every tribe within that region. So it happened, because of their advanced knowledge of the land and their skills revolving strategy they have conquered every small to medium sized tribe within the Red Coast. Word has already reached men ears that centaurs has been spotted in the Forest of Serenity, a creature with it's upper body that of an human and it's lower part of an horse. A young warrior, known as Joric, was intrigued about this and brought this topic many times to his unnamed leader, wishing him to stop conquering any tribes and focus more on the new threat, the new enemy known as the centaurs. The Ra'Myrians, known for their knowledge about this land, have actually never entered the domain of the Forest of Serenity. The unnamed leader refused each time.

After a fierce battle, Joric stood there, surrounded by the corpses of his fallen comrades and enemies. His eyes, filled with nothingness, gazed around the field. No centaur spotted near him. He did not slaid any non-human enemy. Only humans. His eyes, hollowed, dazed to the west, to home, he limped his way back to the Red Coast, being the only survivor. Once he entered the new home of the Order, located on the very top of the coast known as the Red Coast, he entered the biggest hut. The unnamed leader, surrounded with the many chieftains that swore to fight under one banner, applaud and welcomed the injured Joric. Joric, however, limped his way to his leader. He then thrusted his sword, sipped the blood of the many Tautanian men, women and children, inside the leader's guts. Not long after, he ordered all the chieftains that swore to the now deceased leader, to kneel on the very top of the cliff, on top of the Red Coast, and stare at the small island where the Order once all started. Joric then beheaded each and every one of them, their heads rolling down on the cliff, and their blood pouring down, onto the cliffs down to the water. This event has struck every tribe within this region, as they have lost their leaders that day.

Joric's rage towards the centaurs

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Work in progress

First men of the Order
by Sol Invictus

Known as:
The Order, True Ra'Myrians, Followers of White's Hope.
15.000 - year 514
35.000 - present
Government type:
White's Hope


None, do not participate in any war but centaurs.


Followers of Alavari
Centaurs (Forest of Serenity)


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