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Ra'myr, the land of warring tribes, the scary monsters in the forest and the infamously explorer known as Ra'thol.


The land of Ra'myr is known for it's vast triangular plain fields stretching from the White Coast all the way to the eastern plains known as the Forest of Serenity, which has gained it's name by the unlimited amount of enormous oversized trees dotting the land, and at last stretching all the way to the south hugging the cliff known as Ra'thol's Rest. the name being given by villagers living not far from the cliff within the village of Ra'thol.  

Village of Ra'thol

As seasons pass by, men and beasts are prepared and embrace the challenges each season brings with it. Winter has always been a challenge for those who make a living on the land of Ra'myr, the plains, with all it's green grass, will turn into the thick layer of white snow. There are only three official roads across the map, travellers warn each other to avoid any travelling when it's winter, and if it's needed, then you should always stick to the road. The land has some small hills dotting the map, especially on the southern part near the cliff and the village of Ra'thol. Long ago, a clan had made it's home on top of a high hill, surrounded by numerous smaller hills, gaining their adventage for any tribes. Now at it's present day, the village of Ra'thol sits there, overlooking the vast plains.  

Rathol's Rest

Not far from the village, at the southern tip of it's land, is the cliff known as Ra'thol's Rest, once being the explorer that, yet debateble whether this is true or not, has dotted the whole continent, and fables has been spread that the Rat'hol's Rest has been the last place and where he would of took his deserved rest of eternity. The sea hugging the cliff is known as the Great Sea, the sea which hasn't been fully explored yet by men.  

The Forest of Serenity

Known by it's unlimited amount of oversized trees, making it a forest, is nestled on the upper right corner of the land. There is one official road leading to the forest and that road leads to the land of [EX2]. Men and women scare their children with stories of mysterious monsters, residing there and making that forest their home. The creatures that reside there are none other then centaurs, warring war against the humans for attacking their homes for over one hundred year. Travellers that did travel the road and eventually did enter the forest have told that no light can peer into the forest. The oversized trees creating the biggest shadows and it's thick leaves, which can't be seen by the human eyes are nestled all the way on the top of trees, blocking the sun from entering and making the forest a eternal darkness. Travellers and historians are yet to uncover the truth about the mysterious sound coming from above the trees. It is said that the leaves create a beautiful sound. Travellers claim it has to do something with the monsters residing within the forest, to distract travellers so they can attack them. Historians, however, claim it has to do something with the weather, they assume it's because of the rain, hitting the magical leaves, which would activate it. The latter is difficult to find out as one can not find out what the weather is since the leaves are blocking the sky.  

The White Coast

Stretching all the way to the opposite direction of the Forest of Serenity lies the White Coast. The coast has gained it's name for it's beautiful white boulders, laying on top and next to each other as the aggressive waves, coming from the Great Sea, hits it continously. The second road which dots the map starts from the upper left corner of the land, across the White Coast, there is a small land, surrounded by the aggressive waves of the Great Sea, with only a stone bridge leading to the White Coast, wide enough for two carts next to each other. After many years of tribes participating in small scaled battles to take control of this small island, there was one tribe that has noticed that there is more to be scared of then it's own enemies. They have found out the monsters residing within the Forest of Serenity. Through diplomacy and often with aggressive force they have made their enemies surrender and often gained their alliance to stand underneath one banner and take the fight against the monsters in the Forest of Serenity.  

The Church

Located on the small land, surrounded by the Great Sea, across the White Coast. The Church is governed by the holy military order known as the Order of the Church. Those wish to reunite under one banner, stand together and exterminate the dangers that reside within the Forest of Serenity are bound to join this order. Two years after Joric's death at the 14th battle against the centaurs, the big council, consisting of chieftains of various tribes that had pledged an alliance to fight against the centaurs, made an agreement to recruit men and women for their order and receive any donations by travelling from city to city or village to village to uphold this organization known as the Order of the Church. May two nations go in a war with each other, the order would always be neutral and does not wish to participate within that war. Their primary goal is to exterminate the creatures (the centaurs) in the Forest of Serenity.

Official language:
The common tongue
Recognized language:


Before the year 501
White's Hope (15%)
Tiriki Vizh (45%)
Alavari (20%)
Other religions (20%)
White's Hope (85%)
Alavari (15%)

    • The village of Ra'thol

    • The Forest of Serenity

    • The Order of the Church

    • the surrounding settlements nearby the White Coast.

Tribes (past):
The Tautans

Organizations (present):
The Order of the Church

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