Speech of the Plains

Carried like whispers over rustling windswept prairies, the following sample of iconic words and phrases pervade the wide-open spaces, and small towns of big sky alike.

Proverbs and Wisdom

"It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand."
— Apache
A reminder to be less boisterous than one’s capabilities and a warning as some in this age, indeed do carry lightning in the hand.
"The weakness of the enemy makes our strength."
— Cherokee
A reminder to know one’s enemy prior to striking and a warning for patience as not all enemies are readily reveal their weakness.
"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
— Dakota
History remembers us by our deeds and actions, what marks do you leave behind?
"Coyote is always out there waiting, and Coyote is always hungry."
— Navajo
Be cautious and avoid becoming the hunted.
"It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story."
— Unknown
Let no voice be silenced lest the story be lost, drowned out by the wind
Common Phrases
Holdout pistol
Airin' the lungs
synonymous with the term - cuss
Barber’s cat
A starved, sickly looking individual
A child, considered a term of endearment
Anyone not abiding by the old ways, using modern technology; A derogatory term for Native Americans who embrace modern technology
Fork a hoss
Riding a horse
Pimping for a prostitute
Iron horse
Any self powered, non-organic vehicle mounted and ridden like a horse
Leaning on the rail
A prostitute; to prostitute oneself
Lower than a snakes belly
A scoundrel, worst of the worst, or dead; the way most scoundrels end up sooner rather than later
To be rejected by a lover
A long term drunk; refers to jaundice, a liver disease sometimes caused by heavy drinking

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