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The Mutanized are a group of people whose genetics were somehow changed by the experiments performed on them by the company, Cyerstem
Almost all of the people this was done to were told they were in drug trial studies, which was not exactly false, but was not exactly true either. And no one that this happens to can cause Cyerstem to face any repercussions, as for one, they are usually killed, and for two, Cyerstem kind of already runs everything at this point. So, who would deal out the punishment? Who would be the one to judge them?

Transmission & Vectors

It cannot be transmitted from one person to another. It does not work like that. However, if one that were mutanized were to reproduce, the offspring from that reproduction would also carry the mutant genes.


There is many different causes, as there is many different experiments that can be performed and each experiment results in a different type of mutant. But the one thing they all have in common is the fact that it did in fact stem from some type of experiment that Cyerstem conducted.


There is not any known treatment. In early days, Cyerstem did try to reverse some of the effects, but all that did was create an even more mutanized person in each case.


The condition in itself is not fatal. Most people that develop this do not die from the condition itself. But, the condition can lead to death, as many who are mutanized do get killed due to being as such.

Affected Groups

Originally, it was mainly broke college students agreeing to the experiments so that they could earn some extra money. Now, however, it's broke anyone and the list just keeps getting bigger as the economy is in shambles.


The best way to prevent turning into a mutant is to never agree to the Cyerstem experiments in the first place.
Affected Species

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