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Borden O'Connor

Bio: Borden O'Connor is a resilient and compassionate councilwoman in the futuristic city of Veridian. With unwavering dedication, she tirelessly advocates for the rights of the downtrodden and marginalized, particularly focusing on improving the lives of street kids. Borden's commitment to social justice has earned her widespread admiration among the lower-class citizens, but it has also made her a target of hatred and threats from the upper class and influential individuals who feel threatened by her efforts.       Borden O'Connor stood at her office window, gazing out at the city skyline. The weight of her responsibilities and the danger she faced weighed heavily upon her. She had always known that fighting for the rights of the underprivileged would attract powerful enemies, but the recent events had taken a sinister turn.   The disappearance of several street kids had shaken Borden to the core. It was as if an invisible force sought to silence her advocacy, using the vulnerable children as pawns. The threats had escalated, leaving her with no choice but to consider her own safety and that of her family.   She sighed, realizing the magnitude of the decision she was about to make. Borden knew that leaving the city quietly was her only option if she wanted to protect the ones she loved. But it meant leaving behind the cause she had dedicated her life to—the fight for justice and equality.   Gathering her belongings and files related to the missing street kids, Borden took a last look at her office. The walls were adorned with photographs capturing moments of triumph and progress, a reminder of the battles fought and won. Yet, now, she was forced to retreat, at least temporarily.   Borden's heart was heavy as she thought about the children she had promised to help. The weight of their trust bore down on her shoulders, and she knew she couldn't abandon them entirely. Even in her absence, she would find a way to continue her investigation, to bring light to the darkness surrounding the disappearances.   She stepped out of her office, a mix of determination and sadness etched across her face. The city streets buzzed with activity, unaware of the storm brewing within Borden's soul. She had made the difficult choice to leave, to protect her family, but her fight for justice was far from over.   Borden O'Connor, councilwoman and champion of the downtrodden, would go underground, becoming a silent force working from the shadows. She would gather evidence, uncover the truth, and expose those responsible for the suffering of the street kids. The risks were higher now, but her resolve burned brighter than ever.   As she walked away from her office, disappearing into the bustling city, Borden knew she had entered a dangerous game—one where survival meant not only outsmarting her enemies but also preserving her own ideals. For the sake of those she fought for, she would persevere, seeking justice even in the face of adversity.  
Show spoiler
Borden O'Connor is actually Mairead O'Reilly playing a council woman, trying to spy on the Triumvirate.