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Basic Information


The anatomy of human's on this world is pretty complex. Having multiple organs and organ systems, this species is almost completely equal to that of our own world, with the principal difference being that the God that created them unlocked two capabilities of the body.

Growth Rate & Stages

Besides any normal growth rate that Humans could have on our world, the magic capabilities are influenced by the human growth, meaning that a person smaller than other will most likely have more magic, as during the puberty the body didn't grow but the magic did.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Humans of this world are different from us on one simple aspect; during their's creation by God, It unlocked the natural ability of connecting to the magical plane. This change was done and is represented by the eyes of any human, as they are able to see and represent magic.   The eye's cornea acts as a window to the magical plane and to the physical plane, meaning that besides the capabilities of seeing magic, someone can also sees other's magic through their eyes (and such knowing how their magic is used).

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Names used by Humans from this world are pretty similar to that of our world, as Humans were created with some knowledge of cultures from this world. Names of Gods are pretty common, as also those of important figures of our past.


Humanity was created by God itself with existing knowledge of basic technology and science. Humans were never to be fully nomads as they already knew of agriculture. They also knew about basic construction materials and some other basic knowledge of the like (gastronomical, cultural, social, etc.). Because of this, Humanity's history started at a technological progress of around our middle age.  

The Darker Era

Humanity was capable of controlling and seeing magic, but it wasn't discovered not known by the species, as humans didn't try to use it and only tried to survive on a world poblated with magical creatures capable of big scale destruction. This part of History was known as the Darker Era of humanity and it ended 728 years ago.  

The Six Wises

The Six Wises were six different people around the world who were chosen by God and trained on magic use by it's orders. They were chosen to be the first saviours of the world.   After the Six Wises appearance, the world was surprised with the knowledge of magic. This Six humans were capable of use and understand magic at levels not reached even to this days.   Their appearance was well known on the world and scattered fastly as a rumour. This was because the biggest threat of humanity (the devil itself) was destroyed by them.  

The Devil

Little to nothing was known about this creature, and even to this days we know too little. With the beginning of humanity and the start of the natural process that is societies and settlements, this parasit like creature started roaming the earth.   The Devi is a sentient being, unique to it species that had been heavily affecting humanity's history since it starts, as the Devil only tries to desperately ends everything around it. Humanity had been trying to fight it since the beginning of times, but a lot of societies were destroyed before the wises appearance.  

The Kingdom's foundation

The Six Wises started an unification process, each one on a different zone of the world.   It's remembered by the public as an heroic time where the Six Wises teached humanity to defend itself and started the foundation of the actual Six Great Kingdoms, but it was an actual bloody process of war and death. The Six Wises used their offensive advantage, gathering armies of their own to conquer different countries (although really smalls, more like cities or states) to gain their own terrain and sovereignty. Some resistance is still seen to this day, as the Six Great Kingdoms aren't the only ones, but kids learn none of this and are teached with maps that only includes this Kingdoms (showing sobereignty over zones not of them).    

The Guardians

After the foundation of the Kingdoms, the wises transferred their sovereignty to their offspring, and by God's orders they transformed themselves into books containing all the knowledge of their lives about magic.   Their offspring was given their politicals duty, but their defensives duty will be given to a human of their choose. This human will be known as The Guardian of the Kingdom, and it's work is to serve the King or Queen on the elimination of the Devil, as it will never die but continuosly use another body for it's plans.

Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens

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