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Blue Kingdom

The Blue Kingdom entered on conflict again. Is what you heard your father say while he was reading your uncle's letter. Has it ever not been in conflict? Was your instinctive response.

The Blue Kingdom is the only one on which the Wise that conquered it did so not by strength, but by reasoning. A beautiful vision of civilizing the tribes of the zone and absorb them along their cultures. Was it not by his dead, he could have accomplished it.

After his dead, the Kingdom started seeing the territory as of them, going in and out of it and stealing the resources on it, that was something that, the now magical trained tribes, didn't like.

Demography and Population

The majority of the Kingdom's territory is occupied by seven tribes that do not considerate themselves to be part of the Kingdom, and think of themselves as separated countries which only thing they have in common is the Blue Wise, and what he did for them. Because of this the population is separated and really diverse on the matters of education, technology politics and language, however the Kingdom and the Queen doesn't recognize the autonomy of the 7 tribes, causing a lot of issues and making it so the Kingdom can't get more into the territory than the coast.


The Kingdom is completely on the South Pole, having long days on summer and long nights in winter. The climate is tropical, as most of the volcanic activity of the planet concentrates here, elevations the temperature and making the humidity really high. There are still some eternal ices on the southest zones. The diversity on Flora is extremely high, and that of Fauna isn't much different.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
The Blue Queen
Head of Government
The Blue Queen
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
There aren't laws written except for those of the tribes.
Judicial Body
The Queen and any of the differents head of territory designed by her. Every case will be written with both the outcome and the process of it fir future reference.

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