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The System

The System is came about by the collective influence of all pantheons of the worlds gods. It was created to vent and direct the over abundant World Energy into safer channels. The System has a number of ways it can do this.    1: Dungeons Any place that embodies a certain affinity or World Energy subtype enough will become a seed for a dungeon. Dungeons can be beneficial or malignant depending on the affinity that it represents. Beneficial dungeons vent World Energy by having humans nearby absorb more World Energy, while malignant dungeons create or mutate monsters for humans to kill and harvest.    2: Artifacts: Much like dungeons, artifacts are objects that are symbols that represent an affinity or are backed by a particularly well known story, allowing the System to vent World Energy into the object and give it power.    3: Cultivation: Humans, animals, and monsters are used by the system to house vast amounts of World Energy based on the amount that they absorb from the environment. To make it easier for beings to absorb, the System brakes the World Energy into 3 parts of the whole; psi, ki, and mana.    4: Quest: The quest system is there for the gods to communicate their goals to humans, and the System can use the quest system to give humans an incentive to balance ecosystems, protect other humans, kill off threats, and clear dungeons. World Energy is then used to facilitate quest rewards. (antagonistic gods can use the quest system to sow chaos with people that are predisposed toward chaos themselves).   5: Achievement: The achievement system is similar to the quest system and rewards humans and other beings that are the first to do a certain action. Uses World Energy to reward the humans.   6: World Growth: The last thing that the System can do to use up world energy is to make the earth larger.


In the tutorial, the System appears as a reflection of the person in the tutorial. After leaving the tutorial, the System communicates via text boxes and notifications to the persons status.

The System is a sentient metaphysical being that was created by gods and goddesses of each pantheon in order to keep the World Energy from destroying the world. Its first Objective is to bring the World Energy levels down to a globally safe level, using the options given to it by the gods. Its secondary, but nearly just as important Objective is to ensure the continued survival of humans and other sentient life. While seemingly emotionless just after the flash, System (or SteWE to people it likes (pronounced stewey)) eventually starts to understand others emotions on the road to learning its own. This brings some unexpected side effects, like powerful System created Curses when some humans and monsters attempt genocide (most prevalent is the DragonBlood Curse, which causes beings who try to eradicate dragons to become dragonkin and eventually dragons themselves (not as good as it sounds, Dragon's blood is literally fire magic made liquid and really fucking hurts when transforming the being into dragonkin or a dragon)).
Cultivation: Cultivation is the process by which a being (human, animal or monster) will gather world energy sub-energies to grow in power. The cultivation process has seven known stages; gas, liquid, solid, and crystal, fusion, singularity, divinity. The amount of energy they possess is denoted by their capacity, the amount of energy they can move at once is their strength value, and how quickly and nimbly they can manipulate the energy is their agility value. These values grow depending on the amount of training that the being puts in to each. The smallest value a being can have is a 0, and the average human has a value of 5.  Once the being has cultivated as much as they can, they can condense their energy into the next phase of cultivation.
Metaphysical, Divine
Rewards: Completing Quests and Achievements create System rewards. These rewards can come in the form of Syscoin (the monetary system of the System), cultivation resources, crafting resources, skill books, information, or boons from the System or affiliated Gods.

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