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Session 1: Welcome to Baker City, Oregon Report

General Summary

Our heroes arrive in Baker City, Oregon, having been chased there by Yog Sothoth Wasteland Raiders, who do not pursue them across the Powder River bridge. But that doesn't mean there isn't trouble. Shaggy, in an attempt to recharge the Mystery Machine's dead batteries, was struck by lightning while flying a kite in a localized thunderstorm summoned up by Spooky Fred's bleak mood.   To get his heart restarted, Velma (presumably first locating the location of said heart by referencing an old set of encyclopedias) shocks Shaggy with the Mystery Machine's built-in shocky paddly things (that's the technical term).   Success! And subsequent failure. Shaggy's heart is restarted, but the improper use of the paddles leaves him unconscious and the Mystery Machine without operational batteries or fuses. Fortunately, Baker City, or at least its downtown area, appears to have been less touched by the apocalypses than elsewhere.   But though the Yog Sother's have set up camp in an overgrown cemetery up the road, Daphne spots a set of binoculars trained on the gang from the roof of the Geiser Grand Hotel. She begins making a detailed plan-of-assault, but Freddy, compelled by a 'hunch' takes off for the Geiser Grand and the best Daphne can do is get him to go via a less conspicuous route. So, throwing the still-unconscious shaggy into a convenient wheelbarrow, they leave the Mystery Machine (a converted Winnebago, btw) behind and head for the interior ... of MYSTERY!   Along the route though, Scooby is distracted by the tantalizing smells coming from within a taco shop. Entering alone, he makes he way through the dark and dusty place to the kitchen where, astonishingly, a stack of 15 or so so tacos sits atop a platter next to a deep fryer that is burbling along, cooking up even more hard shells.   Not one to look a gift taco in the mouth (this is about to be a pun), Scooby balances the platter on his front paws and starts back through the shop to the dining room. No sooner there, though, then the tacos all grow teeth and start trying to eat Scooby! Taco Bites Dog!   Biting into a couple of them, only to find the taste disgusting as the (dead?) tacos turn into a gray, mushy goo, Scooby throws the rest of the tacos behind the counter and, bleeding from several taco-initiated bites, flees the shop at top fleeing speed.   He catches up with the others just after Daphne climbs down from a rooftop where she has been scouting for a good entrance into the Geiser Grand and the gang is able to make it the rest of the way without being shot by whoever it was that was watching them.   Entering the hotel via a second-floor fire escape landing after leaving Shaggy hidden in some bushes along with the wheelbarrow, the gang makes their way to the balcony overlooking the main floor atrium of the hotel, where they discover a pair of sisters, Linda and Valerie Vale, both dressed like regular townie survivalist types (as opposed to Yog Sothoth survivalist types). But before they can discover more than than Valerie is a big fan of the Scooby Doo cartoon, the girls are attacked by the trout statue on top of the atrium's fountain, while the gang are assaulted by two taxidermied deer heads that grow spider legs and bigger teeth.   Daphne blasts one with one of the barrels of her nine-barrelled elephant gun, which essentially vaporizes it, though what is left is a gray mushy goo, rather than pieces of styrofoam and deer hide. The other, though, is more persistent. Meanwhile, Fred rushes to the railing and shoots the trout with his shotgun as the sisters lay into it with pistol fire and crossbow bolts, quickly reducing it to a gooey mess.   Daphne, tossing aside the elephant gun as too slow (it takes a while to switch the hammer from one barrel to another) draws her revolver and fires while Scooby runs around and Velma observes the scene with interested dispassion. Daphne's shots go wild, and the spider-deer-thing leaps on her, carrying her over the railing at the same time as Fred turns his shotgun on it to try and help.   But, well, Fred may not be the best with a shotgun. Instead of the spider-deer-thing, he shoots Daphne, instead! Scowling at Fred as she falls, Daphne is protected somewhat upon landing by being padded by the now-dead mushiness of the spider-deer-thing. But she's still not happy about any of it, and loses consciousness as her blood stains the surprisingly preserved atrium rug of the Geiser Grand Hotel.   Welcome to Baker City, Oregon.

Rewards Granted

Ooops, forgot to do End of Session XP

Character(s) interacted with

Linda Vale: Older sister to Valerie. 25, curly brown hair, blue eyes, a pistol, and a pair of binoculars. Plus some tanned hides for armor.   Valerie Vale: Younger sister to Linda. 18, straightened brown hair, blue eyes, a crossbow, football pad armor, and a love of classic cartoons that she watches on a scavenged iPad with lots of internal storage.

Scooby Doo and All the Apocalypses
Report Date
20 Aug 2020

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