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Earth-HF23 (The Hyperfabriverse)

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Greetings, suspenders of disbelief! Hyperbolic Fabrications are the many stories that take place on the small, blue planet known as Earth. Hyperbolic Fabrications are tales of science and sorcery, spandex and steel, robots and raiders, mutants and monsters, cowboys and cavemen, Wastelands and warzones, and everything in between...   In the tradtion of classic anthology titles from the golden age of comics, every issue of Hyperbolic Fabrications will contain 56 pages of action and suspense! Within those pages will be three unique tales of different genres. All the stories will exist in the same shared universe, that will grow with every exciting tale. Hyperbolic Fabrications' stories will bring worlds together, combine genres, and take your imagination on a wild ride.   The Earth of Hyperbolic Fabrications will exist in an alternate reality with historical event taking place differently as well as the evolutionary advancement of humans. As each issue of Hyperbolic Fabrications is released, suplimantal information will be added to ever expanding database on this profile. Until then, suspend your disbelief!

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