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Earth is just like earth but like, less shitty and cryptids are cute gay girls. With inspiration mainly from American cryptids as the main focus but other prominent cryptids of other cultures are there too.   The main inspiration being I really wanted to kiss The Hidebehind and I didn’t want it to be weird. I can’t go kissing a tree monster. But a shy girl? I’ll also be unable to kiss her for a while but I sure as heck can text her sweet things.   ____ is a university located in the Nevada desert. Despite this it’s a vibrant, odd place where happenings go about for the ghoulish students. With inspiration drawn from what people could consider “2000s Hot Topic culture”. Ghoulish Girlfriends aims to educate on cryptids, humanize them, smooch em and flip the visual novel genre on its head by injecting sweet romance in a dark unsettling setting.

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