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Earth (Crimsonshade)

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When they met, they knew they had something in common. That thing was helping those with no place to go. But when Stefan Martinez threatens them, Rose, Sasha, Autumn, Diana, and Georgina must work together to put him away for good. How will they work together to put Stefan away when the only thing they have in common is their ability to help others? What happens when old friends of theirs become targets of one of Stefan's schemes?   Strangers to Friends to Family   DIVERSITY   Rose and her team retired when Stefan was locked away in a cell. With the help of a new team, they work through the problems that uprise. But can the new team help with the capture of Stefan who escaped jail. Both teams learn to work together to lie, steal, and cheat to help put him back where he belongs when someone with a connection to Stefan Martinez shows up with a problem that affects both teams. Can friends and family put aside their differences or will the problem make both teams crumble or will they prevail to put Stefan away again?

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