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Earth 92141 is a Mutants & Masterminds 3e game set in the Marvel Universe of the 1990s played online using Roll20 for in game actions and Google Hangouts for voice chat. We are currently on the fifteenth session of the ninth season of play not counting side games in the same setting. A season is anywhere from three to thirty sessions spanning five to eight hours each with the odd three or twelve hour session on the rare occassion. Each season's ending point is based on major plot resolutions so length can vary quite a bit.   The setting is heavily influenced by both the comics of the 1990s, and the 1992 X-Men cartoon series. We have diverged wildly with new story lines and characters while attempting to keep the tone. We try to keep the same feel as 90s Marvel with strong relationship drama, and have been happy so far. The Mission Statement we look to when in doubt of which direction to go is, "Nineties Marvel family driven soap opera." This is the core principle of the main game.   For now the focus will be on inputting the calendar. Tracking the world has not been much of an issue up to this point, but a shareable timeline that all the players can easily reference has been somewhat difficult. Because of this, there might not be much world or story information here as my focus for now will be to fill out and clean up the timeline.

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