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Marhara Kertarajasa (a.k.a. The Third Manggala)

What a waste, a treasure so bright remembered as nothing but a fool...
  Perhaps the tragedy in the event is not that the supposed hero betraying his fate, but rather, someone who's already a hero throwing away all the great things they have to commit the ultimate sin--selfishness--and forever staining their name in the process.   The Third Manggala was a bizzare story. They were cherished even in life, adored for being a manggala at such a young age. Not many managed such a feat. And yet. And yet. They abandoned the legacy they so hardly paved and rolled down to hell. Disappointing.   Enraging.      

Physical Description

Special abilities

In a similar vein to Johan, Marhara also has an incredibly sharp intuition. The difference is her intuition works mostly to alert her about something related to her closest ones or herself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Marhara was born in a multicultural family; her father is of Arab Bugis and Javanese descent, and her mother is Chinese. She was the first child, first niece, first grandchild, first everything of the family, so the burden placed on her shoulder is a lot. This invisible weight becomes heavier when her brother, Rawallangi, was born. In a classic asian style, her family pressured Marhara to be the best in everything she does, resulting in her perfectionist tendency that gets carried into adulthood.


  • Sekolah Tinggi Arakartika 3125-3134
  • Akademi Militer Elite Arakartika 3134-3135


  • Royal Soldier 3134-3135
  • The Third Manggala 3135-3146


Marhara is against making light of traditions.


Contacts & Relations

  • Johan: Initially meeting in the academy, the two grow close as friends.

Family Ties

  • Rawallangi: Her younger brother. Despite her best judgement, Marhara always tend to spoil Awa even when the kid is making trouble. She never says it, but Marhara is also hugely jealous of the 'easy life' Rawallangi has, and sometimes it's seen through her actions.

Wealth & Financial state

Marhara was born into a middle upper family; her dad is a businessman possessing many outlets, and her mother works in a big company as an advisor.

June 12th
Year of Birth
3120 AD 70 Years old
Biological Sex
Aromantic Bisexual
Gender Identity
Genderfluid; doesn't care about pronoun but usually use she/her or they/them
Black, sleek
Skin Tone
Fairly light; kuning langsat
167 cm
50 kg

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