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Earth 3037

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The future is nothing more than a desolate wasteland. Smog blankets the pathetic sky, further dampening the already waning sun. Pollution has become as common as air, forcing entire towns to become built on garbage dumps, populated by only those who can't afford anything more extravagant. Garbage has become such an abundance that historic landmarks, have been turned into dumps, and the government has began claiming plots of land to dump trash into. Fertile soil has become akin to gold, with trees becoming copper.   The Red Plague ravages the landscape. A disease originating from Australia after The Great Backfire, and carried over on spiders from The Coward's Fleet, it was one of the deadliest diseases with ever seen on the planet, and ultimately killed one sixth of Earth's population, before a vaccine was created.   The economy is at an all-time low, especially in countries where it was particularly high before, because of the depleting amount of the jobs from the slow destruction of natural resources. ANNA, the company that created the Red Plague vaccine has established a monopoly over hundreds of products, driving competitors out of business with ease. Finding a job without being an ANNA employee is near impossible. Social classes have also been eliminated, with every citizen in equal poverty.   The Earth has become a decrepit wasteland. Whether it was caused out of human laziness or cruel inevitability is up for interpretation, but they're bigger problems to be thought about at the moment. Colonizing other planets isn't an option, as there isn't enough fuel to get past the moon. World leaders are desperately trying to scavenge the ruined planet, but the future of Earth is as clear as it's skies.

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