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Earth 2118

2118 AD

Created by

In the midst of a conflict with a mysterious group of Space Nazis, our space marine heroes found themselves leading an assault to open up a beachhead on the Moon, disabling the force field that was isolating the EDF from their power generation infrastructure. While on the surface they found a concentration camp full of earthlings in cryo captivity, though they fought valiantly, they were killed in battle with Overseer Mengele's Bio-weapon. The world is dim, but there is light. When our heroes lives were extinguished, they were pulled from the Abyss by the mysterious Skull Knight, they've been brought back into the Mortal Realm: Branded by a Godhand of The Abyss, they are not dead, but no longer chained by their flesh, existing as a being of pure spiritual energy, held together by it's willpower and spiritual power. Now demons and evil spirits will be attracted to them always, wherever they may go. Spiritual energy is a force of nature, and like mass is attracted to mass, Spirit is pulled towards Spirit. There will be new challenges to come, magical relics to find, empires to form, powerful spirits to defeat, psychic abilities to discover, and reality bending power to be achieved. Should our heroes fail their souls will be dragged to The Vortex of Souls, stripped of their individuality they will forever be trapped in the Void, ruled over in the deepest layers of the Abyss by The Godhands.