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United Republic of North America

The URNA is a war born nation, just like its predecessor the United States in 1776 when it fought for independence against the strongest nation on earth at the time the British Empire, and this time us Americans fought for out right to keep our freedom and liberty by facing off one of the strongest militaries ever with the aid of NATO, Australia, Japan, Korea, the CLAN (Coalition of Latin American Nations) and the AU (African Union). The Republic is rich in natural resources and materials giving the URNA a huge industrial advantage adding on it its huge size which, making it the greatest industrial superpower in the world including manufacturing, infrastructural, electronics and robots as well but Asian countries out do the URNA in electronics. Not only is America rich in industry and resources but in culture as well, with over 300 years behind it that will happen, but it leads the world in movie creation, book writing and the arts such as dancing and music. It also leads the world in innovation and businesses specifically small businesses and it was the nation that invented the space elevators and the antimatter drive but the woman who invented the antimatter was french-american. Also, it is naturally beautiful, such as the tropical southern climates, arid deserts and vast great plains of the central region, the temperate forests which turn into breathe taking mixes of red, orange, gold and yellow during the fall the eastern coasts, the Boreal Forests of Canada and frigid tundras of Alaska and northern Canada.


The President is head of state and carries out all the laws or vetos them if he sees the law as unfavorable, s/he also nominates judges. The Vice President is head of government and is also the leader of the senate, the speaker of the house is the leader of the House of Representatives.

Public Agenda

After the war and the longest running president Nathaniel Ellinger after 4 terms or 16 years as presindent this was illegal and unconstitutional but he lead the URNA through the greatest conflict in human history and did it well for the whole war and was always re-elected even after his second term and he didn’t run a majority of people boycotted the election because of how bad they wanted him back after 8 years of presidency and 6 years into the war, the public agenda has switched from martial law and protection of the people at all costs and defeat the enemy with any means besides nuclear, biological, and napalm weaponry, to peace keeping and rebuilding not only there own country but others as well.


The year is 2035 and after Iranian Nuclear Agreement Conferences in 2023 and 2027 Iran has still pushed for nuclear armaments and attempted to creat a functioning ICBM until in 2030 they in secret finally manufactured a functioning ICBM. But they wanted one that could hit the US after the USA placed sanctions on the country which prohibited them from importing nuclear materials until they found plutonium and uranium deposits in their eastern hills. Eventually they constructed an ICBM with the capability to hit the US mainland with help from Russian engineers because they wanted to be Iran’s good side not for influence reasons the USA was just collateral damage to them. So then they fired 4 ICBMs at the 4 major American cities in their range in the hopes of crippling the US and the targets were of course Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Miami, but they were all intercepted an then the USA military intered into DEFCON 2 for the first time since the Cold War, they launched a full scale invasion of Iran in 2034 and the first stage was the taking the city of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf and multiple other beachheads on remote pieces of Persian coast. The city of Bandar Abbas was taken in 4 weeks of fighting also as this happened there was a naval invasion of island city of Kish and also as its strategic position in the Persian Gulf and it having a large international airport which could be used as a staging ground for sorties on the Iranian mainland. the next target was a siege of the city of Shiraz, the US sent the 1st Armored division in from the west in Iraq along with the 23rd Marines 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines 2nd Battalion due to an agreement between Iraq and the US to keep military forces in their nation because of a looming Iranian threat. The city was bombed and ripped asunder by sorties of bombers and strike craft, missile attacks from warships in the Persian Gulf and Tanks and Army units from the west until the city was surrounded on all sides, the Iranian soldiers start suicide bombing US troops acting like Islamic terrorists more than professional soldiers, the city was taken 2 months after fighting but during this time Armored and Mechanized Divisons were pushing toward the city of Isfahan but force recon said their isn’t a large military presence there, off the US generals thought, they pushed into the city to find no soldiers, 3 hours into searching into the big city, a nuclear device was placed in the middle of the city and detonated leveling the city on the 3rd of December, 2034. 120,000 soldiers are dead and 150,000 injured, after this the US military is done with kids play and implements a scorched earth policy, as a result 6 major cities are completely razed leaving millions dead or displaced via ballistic missile strikes, bombing raids and remote detonations. Every Iranian soldier is killed with no POWs, eventually the ground war leads to Tehran, the capital of Iran which is mostly in ruin besides the central district, where the “president” is. So at 8:34 A.M. on the capital fortress is breached by Tanks and AFVs and multiple battalions of troops, the capital building is under siege a squad of SpecOps operators enter the presidential hall and shoot the president on the spot. The war ends a few days later on the 17th of April, 2036, what follows is a 7 year liberation and rebuilding period as well as the implementation of an democratic government which renews the Iranians view of the USA. In 2042 how ever political and military tension in the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea and even spreading into Canada with communist China establishing a communist cou in cananda after a 4 year civil war where a America funded and supplied democratic side against a communist China funded side, the China side won after the us left the war to focus of the Iran War, Canada was the perfect staging post for a communist invasion of the rest of the Americas due to Canada’s previously weak nation and weak leader. A few years go by and the Second Korean War being in May of 2045 and is at the beginning just north versus south, but then america 50 of its new a 7th generation fighter the F-88 Sparrow Hawk, and this gave the south a lot of advantages because the North Korean Air Force what nearly 60 years old by this point and was steamrolled, 7 months into the war and when their military was crippled, the battle of Pyongyang won the war for the south and scared China because the buffer state was gone. This sudden advancement made China go for a second South China Sea Conflict which already lost the islands of Hainan and Taiwan as a result, so they invaded both islands in October of 2050, why 5 years after, to rebuild there Navy going against Treaty of Beijing where China was prohibited from having large surface ships or submarines, and no more than 30 ships in there navy until further notice. So they built 232 ships, 7 aircraft carriers and 24 battlrcruisers included, and then they spread although the South China Sea plundering cargo vessels, randomly stoping passing ships and destroying enemy military warships on their way to the Philippines and Kalimantan to invade them and occupy them, Veitnam was now a democratic state following a civil war in 2029, so they were promptly invaded by land, air and sea. Now this is where the US comes in for the second time, they send the whole Pacific Fleet which is made up of 20 aircraft carriers, 32 battlecruisers, 34 amphibious assault ships, 50 cruisers and 200 smaller and some bigger ships and subs. This force scares the Chinese into submission, no just kidding they launch lock on ballistic missiles towards the fleet but everyone, not a single one hits, this when China learned how bad ballistic missiles are destroying ships. The two fleet finally meet in The Luzon Strait between the Philippines and Taiwan and the Chinese fleet is swiftly defeated loading all of but 23 of their 232 strong fleet and the US losing just 37 ships all being frigates all smaller craft but 3 battlecruisers and a single aircraft carrier was lost at the Battle of the Luzon Strait in February of 2051. Then with the Chinese fleet destroyed the American Navy with help from the Japan Navy can take back territory and then invade China. The Philippines are easiest to take back since some of bigger islands weren’t even occupied but the main island was tough due to the megacity of Manila, the tight urban environment was hard to traverse and fight in putting up the most resistance. Taiwan was a very hard demise to the dense jungle and mountainous terrain to the eastern flank and the US couldn’t attack from the Taiwan Strait because it was heavily mined and would have taken to much time to mow through, the Chinese used guerrilla warfare to ambush US troops so the US started bombing the Jungles until they found out that the Chinese were hiding in underground bunkers, so they took the river route with airboats and going through the towns surrounding said rivers. The waters around Taipei however weren’t mined so the US landed there too but to great resistance, the Battle of Taipei began on 9th of April, 2051 and lasted for over 6 months and by that time the rest of island was largely taken but with constant bombing raids it was hard to keep going for the US and Japanese Troops troops, until the Japanese and US troops were pushed out. The whole island was taken back after 1 year of fighting and almost winning the island. Until the losses just began demoralizing for the US and Japanese troops, Vietnam was by far the hardest place to retake but it was retaken and a wall was built at the northern border following the demilitarization of the region. but the failure to retake Hainan and Taiwan were great losses and no beach head was established anywhere on the Chinese coast. The war ended in a stalemate but the bombs never stoped dropping nor did the US and Japan strop trying to land on Chinese soil so they opted for a different approach. India and China have been at each other’s throats for 50 years. And the US went to the India and said if you go to war with China we will aid you. So China and India went to war but with 24 hours of the declaration this convitional war spiraled into all out nuclear war, 1000 nukes are launched each being more powerful than the one droped on Hiroshima and Nagistagei, but only 400 hit anything because both countries have extensive antinuclear missile systems. But 400 nuclear bombs going of killed over 200 million people and injuring about 1 billion, 32 of those bombs hit India, only 8 hit China and all of them didn’t even hit a megacity, but all of northern India was scorched in inferno and radioactive dust. This spark is what states World War Three. After this the whole world freaks out over this, Russia becomes weary, the US goes DEFCON 1.5 which isn’t even a thing but was coined by the new president of the United States Nathaniel Ellinger as we just had nuclear war but we survived and every nation on earth is going into one big stabdoff. Due to the horrors just inflicted to India by China the US invaded Canada with them surrendering in just 3 weeks and then after Mexico threatened to go to war with the US because Mexico’s president was secretly communist so they invaded them too taking about 2 months to fully take in 2053. In reaction all the gangs and cartels left the country to go further south and even to Europe and Africa. The US soon turned into the UNRA, which called an empire by some and an ardent republic because all of the citizens of both nations were given all the rights of American citizens as well as voting rights but its immense size made the nation have a new bigger capital, New York was chosen after a vote between 12 cities and a new slightly more modern but still contemporary capital building, one of the largest capital buildings in the world in fact. It was built at the top of Central Park with the inter park being terraformed, everything was taken out from paths to lakes and even trees but the southern half of the park was spared, a central lake is placed in the middle with fountains lined up in the middle a gazebos and rest areas dotted the banks. and then the city had its own fun with the left and right flanks of the lake. After fully establishing the Ardent Republic in 2258 WW3 was on the horizon, China wants Asia is its control and Russia wants Europe in its control.

Demography and Population

The Population of the URNA is closing on 500 million people, their are 6 main megacities across the Ardent Republic the northeastern megalopolis of New York which encompasses 4 other major cities, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angels, Houston which encompasses Austin and San Antonio and Chicago which is connected fully with Milwaukee. The average birth rate is 2.1 births per woman, the average population growth per year in 0.9%, the death rate is 0.8 deaths per 100 people on average per year, the average life expectancy is 112.


There are 102 states in the Union, that means 204 senators and 657 representives, once Mexico and Canada were annexed all of their states and provinces were just territories of the URNA but one by one they joined the union but the Mexican states of Yucatán, Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapas and Qunitana Roo never joined the Union with Chiapas, Tabasco and Campeche being sold to Guatemala for about 480 million dollars because America didn’t want them and they didn’t want to be part of America. The US and NATO currently occupy 47 nations mainly Russia, the Chinese nations and the 6 Middle Eastern countries. The Moon, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter and Saturn are currently being colonized by the URNA with the largest Colony being New Philadelphia on Mars with 4 million people living there and is even equipped with a space elevator, 1 of 3 on Mars.


The UNRA military is now the most powerful in the world, it has 5 branches of the URA, URN, URAF, URMC and the URCG. It’s Army is the largest in the world now with 2.5 million active personnel with 1.9 million reserves, along with 11,957 Tanks and countless more AFVs, APCs, IFVs, MRGAs, SPGTs, MLRTs and War Mechs. The Navy is the largest and most powerful in the world and had been for over 90 years following in the foot steps of the US navy, the 28 aircraft carriers and 54 battlecruisers are the largest and most important ships in its fleets. the Air Force is the largest and most powerful in the world and has been for maybe a century, but only largest after China in WW3 built 100,000 planes because they could. The US had hundreds mabye even thousands of bases and outposts all over the world.


The freedom of religion as prescribed by the US constitution over 300 years ago is still present today, there are hundreds of religions in the UNRA from all sorts of places, by far the most prominent how ever is Christianity and gladly so. Christianity has always the most influential religion in the Americas, especially in Latin America like Mexico and Brazil.

Foreign Relations

The URNA has official allies and official enemies out of the nations of the world, included in their allies are 3 coalitions of CLAN (Coalition of Latin American Nations) which has 20 member states the largest contributors being Brazil and Argentina. The African Union which is made up of 48 member nations and is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and this bloc fell apart during the proceeding years of and in World War 3 because of wars in Africa at the time until it reformed after the wars and "The War" ended. NATO, which the USA founded until turning into the URNA along with France and the UK but the no longer exists and is now 4 separate entities and is still after 136 years is head quartered in Brussels even though petition after petition was held to move it to New York City, NATO is comprised of 32 nations the strongest being the England, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey and the United Republic of North America. Also multiple Asian and Oceanian countries such as Israel, United Korea, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, the Republic of China, Tibet, Xinjiang, Mongolia which was gifted the Chinese territory of Inner Mongolia after WW3, Indonesia, the Philippines, Iraq, Turkey and Australia and it's little brother New Zealand are all allies of the Ardent Republic.

Agriculture & Industry

The US was and always was an industry superpower and the UNRA is no different even more so now that it’s land area has been almost tripled and now has assess to all the resources in these two nations such as oil, iron, nickel, nickel-copper, copper, zinc, gold, molybdenum and silver and special to each nation is Mexico’s tungsten, salt, mercury, flourspar and manganese and Canada’s diamonds, natural gas and timber and a lot of it. Agriculture is more prominent in the warmer climates of Mexico and America but due to climate change Canada is warming up so soon it too will be full of agriculture, also Mexico and America are known for their horses and the livestock of America is phenomenal.

Trade & Transport

Not much international is done by land because the URNA has only one land border and its with Guatemala so most of the Republic’s trade is do by boat, by air, and by space. Cargo ships sail around the world oceans faster than ever before and carry more cargo than ever before and it’s the cheapest mode of transporting cargo internationally. Airplanes are faster, bigger and carry more cargo than ever before just like cargo ships but they are more expensive which doesn’t matter all that much and plus they can zoom across the sky at supersonic speeds to subsonic speeds depending on the size of the craft and can get a lot almost anywhere really fast nearly any time. But space though, yes it is the fasted mode of transport by far and in space you can go how ever big you want to go but it dosen’t come cheap, the average starship for cargo transport costs within the realms of 40-80 billion dollars that’s because demand is so high but supply is so low, but with the new invention of antimatter jump drives a starship of any size or shape can make it to Titan in under 3 hours.


After the abolishment of the federal department of education in the 2020s, it took a little while fro big schools and colleges to become use to the new freedom, universities, colleges and schools were able to choose their own curriculum and rules or extracurricular activities and sports. States were able to make their own laws on education so now education is every fractioned between the states, say the states of New York or Pennsylvania with gender specific schooling along with many other states, or the public schools of California or Florida, even the religious institutes of Utah. Since boys and girls learn in very different ways they have different schools for each gender, but they walk in the same halls and eat in the same cafeteria so they can still interact and in causation get into relationships but most colleges have mostly mixed classes because that's when both genders brains are both fully developed and taken in more similar ways. Due to these new advancements literacy levels, IQ, intellectual competence and state test scores like the ACT or SAT have all dramatically increased, but proponents still say its sexist because of gender specific classes, racist because of the removal of affirmative action and demoralizing for no apparent reason.


A decade after the removal of the Department of Education, the Department of Infrastructure was downsized, this gave states the responsibility to handle their own infrastructure and also give more power to local organizations to manage and maintain infrastructural structures like roads, bridges, metros/subways, train lines and canals. This lead to huge businesses forming and managing whole states or the "Big 4" cooperating to manage the whole nation's infrastructure then when the US took over Canada and Mexico the Big 4 turned into the Big 6, and the government's infrastructural department only intervenes if its a very important and or large infrastructural project being built or maintained, or if a state or city is in desperate need because of course just 6 big corporations can't get everywhere and fix everything, so the government only steps in as a last resort sitting on the sidelines. Infrastructure in the URNA/USA is better than it has been in a century, this allowed for innovations like hyper loop, gene therapy and hospitality complexes and even gene therapy facilities because of the demand for gene therapy hospitals after the invention of advanced gene therapy, also the most impressive creation is the invention of the space elevator first being built in the middle of New York harbor and having two bridges, 5 tunnels and 2 metro lines connecting the structure and it then connects the 3rd largest star base in the world. the next 6 in the URNA were built in Orlando, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Mexico City and Toronto.

The Mottos “Sea to Sea” and “In God we Trust”

Founding Date
April 22nd, 2053
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative names
The Ardent Republic, the URNA, the UR and America
North American
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
USD (United States Dollar)
Major Exports
They export everything from hams to cars and ships, their main exports are however are metals like iron, copper, nickel, tungsten, titanium and lithium or resources like helium 3, nuclear ion energy, oil, coal and natural gas. When it comes too electronics and robotics the URNA exports phones, holographic devices, computers and TVs and robotic exports range from personal assistant androids to large heavy industrial mechs. The URNA also exports ships, cars and planes because of the Republic's vast and quality collection of amazing vehicles, which is also why its the greatest arms exporter in the worldan dthat is also because it has the best military in the world, this includes armaments and firearms of great quality.
Major Imports
Helium 3 from the moon, as well as titanium and other rare earth elements from the moon, oil, coal, and natural gas from Mars as well as iron, copper, nickel, nickel-copper, gold and tungsten. Natural gas from Titan, industrial goods as well as a lot of vegetables and fruit from Ganymede and Titan has lots of livestock in huge biodomes and Ganymede has some too, hydrogen from Europa and Ceres, dozens of different metals from astroids in the astroid belt as well as countless other imports from 105 other stellar bodies. Enough about space, here well a lot of technologies such as robotics and electronics from Korea, Japan, and some European nations, and oil from the Middle East, but we on earth practically have everything we need but we do import lots of fruits, spices, vegetables and other foods from Asia and Africa mainly from China.
Legislative Body
The Senate and the House of Representatives
Judicial Body
Supreme Court
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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