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Alexander Camilleri @Vethaeras

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Earth 2080

June 8th, 2086

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Much has happened in just 61 years, a tense political climate plumes over the people of many major countries throughout the world, WW3 has just ended after 17 years of constant war and twice mabye even three times more deadly than the Second World War. Alliances brew, Polictical tears form, civil wars rage and families break apart, this is the aftermath of something like World War Three, brutal and war like even though the war was won by the “good guys” so to speak nothing caused or started by the war ends with it, it stains the nations of earth with blood, sweet and tears and leaves them with deep scars in there peoples lives and their nations well being. It’s dark and gloomy world, but a hopeful one, hoping that things will improve over the years, become less dark and dreary and they have a little over the 10 years it’s been over with but some places haven’t broken free from the poverty, the destruction and the pipes of dead that line their streets. The URNA or the United Republic of North America, was won such nation like its predecessor the USA was war born, and its new Mexican and Canadian territories are riddled with the scars of war as well as its cities like New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Los Angels which were heavily bombarded by Chinese and Neo Soviet warships and bombers even biological attacks and fire and cluster bombing which are illegal. China has been split up into 5 nations, Tibet, East Turkistan, Taiwan which has been given immunity by America, Manchuria and China itself which is a fraction of its former self. The world economy crashed just 8 months into the war due to big traders like China and the US being out of the game and stocks plummeting on Wall Street as a result. Everyone was effected by the true war to end all wars, every human being shuk, but everyone who lived to see a second sun rise pushed on with dignity and determination in their hearts to make the world a better place.