Zulu Empire


The king is at the head of the empire, with his might all of his enemies tremble before him and cower. His Great council exists to tend with all the needs of the empire that he cannot do alone by himself. Below them are warlords who are given control over a region and make sure resources and order are the only thing that prosper.

Public Agenda

To turn Africa into a power that it was meant to be and that the world will never cross them and echo throughout the ages.


Their are more weapons in the empire than any other place in the world. Everywhere you go you find them and their cruel owners that use them to for people to work in mines for mineral, building more weapons of war, to enslave other to their will, and forcing them and their children to become soldiers in their wars.


Though the original Zulu kingdom was destroyed centuries ago by the British, the people of the Zulu still rained in their ancestral lands into the modern world. South Africa Although independent by the twenty first century was still dealing with many problems. Corruption being one of them while its people suffer. A civil war would break out right before the invasion oft 2020 came and it would continue long after the invaders tore apart souther Africa. The war lasted for another decade while spreading it to it neighbors as well and then the third world war erupted. The region already on the brink of collapse where one of the First Nations to fall in the first few months of the war. War had taken its toll on the souther Africa with much of its land destroyed war and famine and disease took its place where life once was. militia fought over the resources that were left. Millions would be killed in the process when the war finally ended and the beauty of the land was turned into a barren landscape. Then from this man made waste land a warrior appeared who power was strike fear on all those who gazed upon him. He claimed to the descendant of Shaka, the great king of the Zulus who live centuries ago. His name was Shaka as well who came from the lands of the Zulu people and the stench of death was said follow him where ever he went.he vowed that that anyone followed him that they anyone who followed him would receive untold power in his new empire and those who didn't would be his slaves. One by one the warlords who ruled the wastes would fall or bowed before him. His military tactic and prowess became legendary amongst the people, for there efficiency and brutality. The Zulus was again had dominion over the southern africa once again and greater empire rose over the previous one. But their thirst for power and glory was not quenched and soon headed north to claim new land where the land was lush and plentiful. One by one, regions fell under the might of the Zulu Empire as they marked unopposed in their conquest. Until finally they reached the lands of the African Republic. Shaka knew in the republic fell the endless resources of central Africa would be enough to build a greater army and conquer the rest of the continent. The Zulus believed that this was going to be an easy fight since the force of the republic seemed weak to them. But they where sadly mistake and for git the most important rule of war, never underestimate your opponent. As the fighting began the Zulus where pushed back from every assault they made on the border. They had no experience fighting such a well trained force until now and payed for it dearly. With their numbers and resources dwindling they were forced to sign a peace treaty with the republic and have been regaining their strength since then. Creating devastating machines of war and creating grater army than ever before. War is all they know and they will do everything in their power to take what they want.

Demography and Population

Warlords control all the land and often the populations that come with it. these populations are often scattered everywhere from the war created by the empire. With many of them being slaves to tend to their needs. It is said the that the empire has over five hundred million people under their influence. With thousands of them dying everyday from famine and conflict alone.


They control southern Africa all the way up to the horn of Africa. With most of it being controlled by sheer force alone.


The army is make up of many different peoples with men force to be soldiers or face death and children take from their home as well often taught to enjoy the lifestyle of war. They are trained to endure pain and obey every order that given to them. They even given grouse some weaponry that is considered illegal by modern rules of warfare. Its also considered to be the largest military in the world with millions of solders across the region. They often kill each other as well to gain higher ranks in the army. Though disciplined they become savage animals when unleashed on the battlefield. Often raping, pillaging ,murdering and torturing who every they mange to get their hands on. They even often cause terror among their own populations to instill fear and week out the weak in order for the strong to remain. Drugs are often used as well since it was believed to give solders powers such not being touched by bullets are gain the strength of ten men. The real case is that drugged soldier are easier to control and the drugs they often take often used as pain dampeners so they can take more damage before dying.

Technological Level

The Zulu have created devastating weapons that run on oil, how these thing are created are consider unknown since the empire does not have the engineering capabilities to create them. They have no other advancements worth noticing. The is old world weaponry wit most of it falling apart on them.


Most is it is based on old Zulu traditions past down from generation to generation. They also worship the old king Shaka as a god of war to them. All other religions are considered intolerable with many of their followers being killed. Most of them are often Christians that are killed or forced to convert. This is because the Zulus see the Christian faith is weak since it often tells people not to cause violence instead of embracing it.

Foreign Relations

The Zulu empire has become the number one public enemy of the world for its brutality and war crime atrocities that were committed by them. No one wants to deal with them or go to war with them because of their own problems at home. Empire has been recently trying to invade Madagascar as well but to no avail.

Agriculture & Industry

They are an industrial power that use more resource in creating weapons than anything else. agrriculture means little to them and is often done by slaves since they can not be bothered by it. Oil is the blood of the Zulu war machine and many can be seen throughout the region. Along with their mining operations working thousands to death just to gain the mineral from the ground to buy more weapons. The drug trade is also profitable to them since it help control the population with many being addicts until they die from and overdose. The rest is sold internationally and makes a good amount of profit from it. Endangered animals are also on their list since parts of them are worth of value, such as ivory or furs. Which is often sold to the highest bidder an outrageously high prices to o their endangered status.

Trade & Transport

all trade is done through the black market or by corporation with both being discreet about it to about it to avoid the world's notice. Most of this is done with ships disguise as cargo ships that are affiliated with certain nation to avoid suspicious from authorities in the region.


There is no education in the empire, the only education that anyone learns is warfare and subjugation. With many children taken away from their parent to either become soldiers or slave. That is all that matters to them. Both are broken to submit to their masters and do as they command. With soldiers they are often given drugs to control them better so they cannot as rebellious as they use to be. They often put them through sever training as well with the weak perishing and the strong remaining. Many sent out to kidnap other men for the army and go raid in nearby villages to prove themselves that they willing kill when they are order to do. Those who are the most disciplined are often positions of power as well and given more drugs and slave to do with them as they please. There often rivalries when being of a higher position of power and often lead to infighting and murder to gain a higher position in the military. This is actually sanctioned by the government since they required ruthless and bloodthirsty men to lead their troops into battle since they are often the most effective. As for slave they are constantly starved and beaten until they obey a command at a moments notice. Most slaves are women who have unspeakable this done to them for the rest of their lives. They are often put into factories to build weapons or work in fields to grow crops. The rest of the population is often education with propaganda from the government and ver few know how to read or write.


infrastructure in terrible all around with only warlords and their armies living in luxury. Life is a constant struggle for this who are at the bottom of the social ladder

Those with the will can achieve anything

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Zulu kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Bullets are the main currency of this war tron society.
Major Exports
Gold and diamonds are often sold on the black market or given to corporations for money.
Major Imports
weapons are all they care about.
Legislative Body
The king creates all of the laws of the land and they are absolute, to go against him is to mean certain death.
Judicial Body
His council of advisers only guide the king and his laws for they dare not question him or suffer a gruesome death.


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