Wild Country

Its a brave new world out there, untamed and unexplored by man. Damn it reminds me of the old west almost, at least they didn't have to deal with native with automated rifles and rocket launcher - Anthony Valentine, 14th President of the United States of North America


The Wild Country splits North America in two as its is covers the midwest, the Great Plains and parts of the south.  

The Great Plains

The Great Plains have change over the last few decades, its vast fields have once again been over run by wild life once more as what towns and cities that were long since abandoned and being to be covered with overgrowth. The grassy fields have also begun to cover the farm land that was once cultivated as well returning it to its natural state long before it was settled in the 1860s. But it is not devoid of Human life at all wither, Native American tribe have also resettled the land as they leave their reservations to return to the lives of their ancestors before them. This time of course they are far more prepared in protecting their land from anyone trying to take it form them.  

The Midwest

It took the most damage during the war and not much of the infrastructure that it was made up of is no longer in existence. Forests cover what ruins remain in the region and are heavily concealed making it hard to find what ever you are looking for. Not much is known about what foes on in the area and their are some independent settlements that are built from old ones and they do ht they can to survive. It is also known for its large population of bandits and tribes as well that mark their territory and raid just about everywhere.  

The Swamp Lands

Down near the swamps of what was Louisiana, lie the swamplands. With the rising waters from global warming, the swamps have expanded over the last few decades. No one really goes through their to begin with, not since the radiation from Caribbean started to mutate the local wildlife and fauna that it touched. Now the place looks completely different from what it use to be and the alligators have gotten a lot bigger since that time as well, some of the plant life has also become more carnivorous as well. Making it a place that no one wants to go to at all, unless you are the mutant inhabitants that live on the swamp. You really don't want to walk into them or they might make you their next meal if they get the chance.

Natural Resources

These area are still rich in fertil soil, gas, oil, lmestone, iron. Along with the wild life roams these areas.
Alternative Name(s)
the Wild Lands
Owning Organization
United States of North America

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