United States of North America

America isn't what it used to be.


President deals with the day to day problems in the country and keeping the senate in check. While the Congenital Senate deals with making or breaking laws to see if the pass or not. Then there’s the Continental Court with making sure with making laws are legal with the constitution. The military has more power in the government since the war and tend to try and keep the piece across the land. The governors run the states Then there are the state assemblies to keep make their own laws in the state and deal with minor problems.

Public Agenda

Tp preserve peace within our nation an let the rest of the world deal with its own problems.


Since the war the government has been fortifying ever border and amping up security nation wide to deal with terrorism from anarchists and separatist movements. The military has been given top notch weapon and tech to keep them up to date with the rest of the world. Combat androids are also being used in the fields for extra support. Vehicles are also are made to be fast while having quality armor procreation along with the Navy and Air Force. Their even willing to fire a few nukes that survived the war if they have to.


At the end of war the U.S and Canada suffer heavy losses and mass destruction to their infrastructure, in order to survive both nations were merged together to form the USNA. This Created a new world power over night and reconstruction was made much easier. Greenland was also annexed to ensure no other nations could have a foothold in North America. But unlike the U.S, the U.S.N.A tries to remain isolated from the world, to avoid future conflicts. whats more the mid west ah been turned into the Wild West all over again, with marauding bands of bandits all over the places while, settlements are scattered about the place, with most refusing to follow the laws of the U.S.N.A. Besides that tribes have been forming from survivors trapped in the wilderness claiming land for themselves, especial the Native Americans. they just left their reservations and are living the lives of their ancestors wild and free, of course this time they have assault rifles and rocket launchers to deal with the White man this time and refuse to budge. The government aren't even trying to deal with them at all, they rather rebuild the cities to connect the continent together instead of using them on military campaigns. They just use propaganda to make look like the midwest is under control. It just one big illusion to make everyone think its sunshine and lollipops out there. In reality its just unsettled wilderness all over again. Which is why every just call it Wild Country to show what really is going on out their. What more they have to watch over the boarder to what was Mexico since its anarchist territory along with Central America and the upper part of South America. It quite common for raids to happen on the boarder so it practically a war zone down there. Which is why they made a massive series of defensive structures mer made across the whole border equipped with a minefield and a whole lot of barded wire to make sure the threat of attack didn't reach in the states themselves.

Demography and Population

Seventy million people live in the borders of the U.S.N.A, which includes, the former regions the United States, Canada, and Greenland. With every ethnicities in the world that its hard to keep track of them all.


All of North America, except for south of the Mexican border and the Caribbean are a part of the U.S.N.A.


Back before the war U.S military was said to be the best military in the world, but with the formation of the U.S.N.A things have changed. They decide that they didn’t have to be the strongest military in the world with all the best tech that they had. Instead they decided to make their military the most adaptive and flexible fighting force in the world. While everyone else decided to make better vehicles and combat suits, they decided to fit stick with infantry that is able to work in any situation in the worst of conditions. They even have robots to help out with combat. Or course they still have tanks and other types of wehicles, but they tend to be much faster with only enough armor to protect the user. Their equipment is also designed to be far more superior to the harsh climates and other types of equipment that other countries have. The soldier themselves don’t wear any high tec suits either, most are just durable plating with camouflage with a few high tech gadgets, such as exoskeletons, targeting systems, jet pack and other things to keep them alive in the field.

Technological Level

The U.S.N.A may seen to not all the cutting edge tech like all the other big players do but they make it up in the way of allowing their tech to suit their needs. Artificial Intelligence and medicine are cutting edge in the country. While the military uses high tech support equipment and assault vehicles for fast maneuverability and being able to adapt to their environment to for their soldiers to keep on fighting.


The country itself harbors all faiths within its borders, but it tends to be difficult when they start to kill each over what ever that they usually fight over. In most these arguements they tend to stay neutral and do not afflicte themselves with a national religion.

Foreign Relations

The nation has decided to stay out of the politics of the rest of the world in order bring prosperity back to North America. Trade seems to be the only thing their mind and nothing else. Which makes them butt heads with the European Federation and the Sino-Japanese Empire from time to time.

Agriculture & Industry

The lands of North America where surprising received less chemical and radiation residue than most. But since the creation of the wild country the main supply of food has all been lost in the midwest with it unlikely being able to recover for decades to come. But their is still farming, but on a massive scale often near the the fortified cities. These fields go on for miles to feed thousands and their even some inside the cities as well often being grown in backyards and former parks. You might be thinking these fields alone can't feed everyone, but your wrong. Long before the war scientists have tried to make super crops for decades and after the war they finally did it, with fruits and vegetable being twice the size then normally should be. Farm animals are often used as well for food supplies as well, but is limited since their number have taken a heavy toll on them since the war. As for industry, medicine, construction and engineering are the dominate players in the game. With medical break throughs happening quite often, construction to rebuild the continent at an all time high, and advance engineering to improve the harsh environment the continent.

Trade & Transport

Trade is often done by land or sea but the tricky part about it is for the trade to get their in one piece. Coastal trading is the easy way to get what you need wether its trucking it down across the coast or having it come fro the sea is quite easy. But if your trying tho get it from coast to coast across land that is a different story entirely. You would have to go across wild country to get if you want to get where you need to. The safest option an armored caravan escort crossing the way. You will probably get to you destination in month if your luck or if you plan on stoping in the middle of wild country a few week. But you probably have to deal with hostile tribes, bandits, and Genebreds along the way. Not to mention the conditions of the terrain can be unperdictable especially with weather, one moment a road is fine, next thing you know it a rock slide blocks it. But once you stray form the group your on your own and you chance of survival come spiraling down. Sure you may be thing why not fly over it instead of driving through it, well it no that easy. Planes are constantly shot down by bandits and abandoned defense grids that managed to survive the war. Even if fly past all that its illegal to fly transport ships across since they are to valuable to lose. so smaller planes meaning less fuel and no place to land. You can't even go through the Panama Canal anymore since it was destroyed in the war and raiders aren't to keen in letting anyone fix it either. So you either do that are just stick to the coasts.


Education is a little complicated in the states since resources are scarce and most of it are given to the cities instead of the smaller communities scattered about. But the cites are as just a bad as with may young children joining gangs and ditching school since seems to be a waste of time to them. Those how end up stay are often given the best education that they able to afford. They are often taught all the minimal requirements such as math, history, science etc. But once they finish high school, they are on their own after that. College is only fo the smartest people around since they are suppose to be the one that will rebuild the country. Then their are the military academies that are all over the country. This is for those youngsters that are desperate, juvenile delinquents, and those who want to belong. Might as well make themselves useful instead do nothing for the rest of their life. The military always need fresh meat for the meat grinder might as use the undesirables.


Most of the infrastructure is in the cities on the coasts, with only a few exceptions on the ones inland. They have all that everyone could every want in an old world society. But as you head farther inland, thing get al lot messer the farther you go in. Their is always the present threat of an attack by raiders and bandits while being out their and walls are often put up for a proper defense in that case. Some places don't even have standard living conditions either such as running water, pluming and electricity. Those who actual all these thing are usually targeted because of that as well. The government can't do anything about it either since they too busy with rebuild more vital parts of the nation and dealing the rest of the shit that is trying to bust down their door. They made their choice when deciding to live out their and they have to pay the for consequences of their action.

From Many, One

Founding Date
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Food, medicine, and machinery are the bread winners in trading.
Major Imports
Electronics are what they need the most since they are unable to produce them on a large scale any more.
Legislative Body
Continental Senate was formed after the war, with the U.S. house of representative dissolve since most people believed that they were the reason the U.S. fell into economic disarray. Now their are only senators that number over a hundred fifthly. The also hav a lot more power then their predicessors.
Judicial Body
Contenental Court is just pretty much a larger version of the Supreme Court with thirty judges to argue and bicker over what right or wrong with the laws.
Controlled Territories


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