The Theocracy of Albah


The Church of Albah is the main authority of the theocracy controlling everything in the process. The only other authority over them is the Divine Army of God who enforce its laws on the landed

Public Agenda

To live the life that god wished us to live by and keep our holy land pure from the non believers and heretics of the world.


The military of the theocracy is mix between old world tech used by militias and new world tech used by the military.


The Middle East was in a terrible situation , due the increase of jihadists over the decade. The Third World War just gave them a boost to their moral and went on a short rampage. But when the war came to the Middle East, the region instantly collapsed and everyone started turning on each other. This would go on long after the war. Then one day a man named Alba came out of the blue proclaiming himself a prophet of the one true god, off course they immediately tried to kill him after that, but in each attempt he came out unscaved. Soon enough people started to believe in what he had to say and started to follow him around like any other prophet, akong with some of the people trying to kill him. His words would soon enough end the fighting in the middle east and unite it into a theocratic state were all religions are welcomed. They soon enough conquered India to gain the abundant resources and halt the advanced of the Sino-Japanese Empire But war eventual came to them either way causing turmoil across the region. The wars they had with the European Federation and Sino-Japanese Empire are their most well known often causing massive damage to the enemy. They would be drive back by the untied forces of the people united under the one true god soon after. Peace has now lasted for several years with the powers and the theocracy wants to keep it the way. The theocracy has done the impossible by bring peace to the Middle East without foreign aid as well with Islamic groups standing down to the new regime. Corporations trying to control the lands resources are now forbidden to take the land of god's people. Even he people have started to work together as well no matter what religion the worship as well. But old grudges still remain in many of there hearts and true peace is still far away.

Demography and Population

Most of the population lives in the cites in rose from the war. While rest remain in the villages of ancestral lands of their peoples. People can be found everywhere their is water or vegetation to help them survive. In the desert survival is the number one priority for a settlement and they often will not leave unless otherwise. The youths of today often travel to the lush lands of what was India and turkey leaving their home to find a better life then on of struggle and hardships. Their are also few nomadic tribes that still live out in the desert as well and it is difficult to figure out where they are at time since they decide when they want to be found or not. There are said to be eight hundred million people that live within the borders of the theocracy.


The territory of the theocracy of the whole Middle East and border into India as well. But in the north east they have the Badlands, a place that is considered unholy ground to them due the radiation that was created during the war along with the marauders and mutants that dwell there they often guarded the borders of this place so no unholy creatures come out a reign terror on the people of god. Access to the sea is also easily accessible allowing them to travel much quite from place to place.


Mitiltary is divided into to groups the Divine army of God which consists of the army, navy and air force and the local militias that protect the lands of invaders when they army can not. The Divine army most envolves itself in protect the borders form external threat and the militias deal with internal one. The army’s tactics are that of modern day standard, while the militias are on the lines of guerrilla warfare since they are easily out matched. But both will fight together in order to protect the land from those who wish to take it form them.

Technological Level

The theocracy has advance the Middle East quite well in the last few decades and have started to turn into advance society where technology is access able to the people and proper utility are given to everyone. The most advance tech in the theocracy right now is terraforming and weather manipulation tech.


All religions are accepted in the theocracy since for the one true god come in many different forms and teach the people many different things. The major religions of the land are Christianity, Judisim, and Islam. Which are seen throughout the region. The rest of the other religions are Buddhism, Hinduism and may more religious minorities that can be found in throughout the region. But tensions do rise between one another due to old feuds caused by centuries of violence committed by one another.

Foreign Relations

They consider themselves neutral in the affairs of the world and often trade on their terms alone. The nations of Africa are the one willing to trade with them at this time. As for the rest the world the European Federation, Sino-Japanese Empire snd the Anarchist states want control of the resources of the region with hostile raids on the border constantly happening. The rest of the world simple does not want to get involved their affairs. They prefer it this way since foreigner that came to the land often caused chaos to the region leading to conflict for decades afterward and affairs should be done by them instead of outsiders.

Agriculture & Industry

Farming is done in the few places that where plants can grow, put that is never enough, so most food in the Middle East comes from livestock which range from sheep to camels to feed on. As for industrial power the Middle East is the world distributior of oil and gas that are still abundant in the region often selling it to those who still use it to make a profit.

Trade & Transport

The seas are where they trade most of their resources since they have access to Mediterranean and Indian Ocean without not real problems. There are more boats than cars in order to get so many resources as well. What is done on land is usually by truck to distribute resources with one another. They are currently trying to find a way to rebuild the train lines that where destroyed during the war and create more advanced trains to travel on and transport goods.


Education is mostly religious teaching of the one true god and the teaching of the other faith by their respected groups. This usually done at until they are six years old. When go to an official school to learn a proper education on what they plan to do with their lives. They are taught basics of languages of the region and the Holy Word the official language of that all are taught in order to gain sense of unity among the people. The rest is math and science for students who want to scientist or engineers. Children who ender their study have a chance to enter training for the priesthood at this time. Where they will spread the word of the one true god when they are old enough and properly complete their training. Most this education is done at the the capital of the theocracy since it is consider a holy city and will help them understand what it truly means to be a servant of the one true god.


The cities are comparable to prewar western cities, but more advanced. The bigger ones can be found in Arabia where robotics and terraforming projects are turning the land into a paradise. As for the rest of Middle East not much has changed due to the villages being to far out from receiving help to advanced or refusing to due so because they are afraid of change. But some are accepting this change and enjoy living with purified water, plumbing and more advanced farming methods to feed them. The their are also been attempts to build more settlements to build in order to connect settlements together in order trade much faster and easier access technological advancements. Roads are often difficult to build due to the harsh weather conditions such as sandstorms that bury the roads in sand. Airport are common in the region as well but they are only government officials and military personal. The border are heavily fortified as well since attacks are often done on the border at any time. Which why many travel by boat to get from place to place since it is fast and lest costly than traveling the deserts.

May the true god guide us

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
The Theocracy
Government System
Gold coins
Major Exports
Oil and gas are the only things of great value the Middle East has and it is their only main income.
Major Imports
Food is in constant demand along machinery to improve their technology and infrastructure.
Legislative Body
The council of Prophets is the leadership of the theocracy and they are the voices of god so their word is law. No one dare speck against them means certain death.
Judicial Body
The Circle of Magi are the only other group in the theocracy that can speak out against the council. They often use their age and wisdom to intrepid the will of god seen if an law is fair and just or twisted and wicked. Very people ever challenge do their wisdom and devotion to god.


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