Sino-Japanese Empire


The emperor is at the top of everything with many worshiping him as a god just like the Chinese and Japanese emperors of old. When ever he gives out a command it is done without hesitation for his will is law. The military would be the second highest power in the empire and is lead by a council of marshals known as the emperor's hand where they ensure that the military keeps the peace across the empire. Finally the imperial assembly

Public Agenda

To bring order and prosperity to the land and it’s people by any means and expand our influence over others.


The empire is a militarized state that put more resource into their military than anything else. This has made them the most dominant power in the region. They are also the most technological advanced power in the world as well.


Also known as the Empire of the Sun, the empire was formed after a coup by both Chinese and Japanese imperialist factions to overthrow their government. When their governments were formed they prepared for war with one another but instead a compromise was given that would benefit both parties. The empire would be formed between the union of the surviving members of the Japanese imperial family and the descendants of Qing dynasty in order to for the people to accept the new monarchy much easier. After dealing with a few remnants of the old governments and a few young upstarts fighting the government, they eventually succeeded. Of course neither side wanted the capital in China or Japan, so they moved to Taiwan to have equal ground. The conquest of Asia took a few years but they eventually to over most of the continent. They of course had to stop when they ran into the Theocracy of Albah, Oceanian Commonwealth and the Siberian Confederation. Though tensions to tend to rise every few years when the empire thinks they can take some territory for themselves. Of course they still have to deal with some internal issues in the empire as well. China was already in a terrible state before the war with decades of unregulated pollution destroyed most of the land. Not mention overpopulation, even though China lost more people than anyone combine from the war they still seem to overpopulate themselves after a few decades. Most of the citizens have to live in very small single pods as houses, if the crime and poverty don’t get them the lack of oxygen will due to the factories producing more carbon dioxide than air. Even though much of the citizenry has been spread out across territories, there are still to many people to care for. This has caused mass poverty in the process with crime at an all time high.They had to build super cities just to deal with so many. Along the way they have control over the most intelligent minds as scientist and have become on of the most technologically advanced country in the world. With it they have created robots to for military and civilian use, keep the empire productive more than ever. Combat suits also have given them the edge they need in battle as well. but they made themselves enemies of the world in doing so with all other nations trying bring them down in the process.

Demography and Population

The empire is divided up into districts of various sizes and are controlled by military governors. It does not matter what region you are in you must follow the laws that are given out by the governor at all time. This varies smaller populations to have less extreme policies instead of larger ones. This of course has force many peoples to be forced from their homelands to make way for building larger cities and many are often sent to make shift cities built on abandoned oil refineries. All this of course has caused mass death tolls due conflict in the regions, but the population continues to rise more than deaths. There a said to be eleven billion people in the empire all together.


The empire has control of most of Asia which expands from southern tip of Siberia to former Papua New Guinea. Expansion westward has been stopped to at the former Indian border. The Eastern borders end in the Philippines but many of the former nations of Asia are still rebelling against the the empire trying to regain independence for themselves. Making war a daily struggle across the districts and it seems it will not stop anytime soon. Which is why colonizes are being created to assimilate the population to their culture.


The imperial military is a force to be reckoned with, since are highly trained and disciplined. The technology that they are given is also gives dominance on the battlefield. The military is divided into three groups, the imperial army, the imperial navy, and the imperial air force. Each of course are highly advanced and almost half of the military uses military androids to be used on the battlefield. Which they are quite advanced and deadly at the same time. Even combat suits are common for the soldiers which offer the best military grade software and weaponry imaginable. But by doing this they not advanced themselves in assault vehicles. Most of them are controlled by an A.I instead of a pilots too. Assault mechs are instead used in the field with many believing that the are far more superior than traditional military craft. The navy is the second largest force of the military since they fear that a invasion from the pacific is possible to the and have created massive carriers and other assault ships as well. While the Air Force is the smallest of them all and are all A.I equipped assault drones since they more affordable than training a pilot for several years.

Technological Level

The most advanced and sophisticated technology can be found in the empire with robotics and energy weapons being at the forefront. A.I. technology and gene modification have also been created in the empire as well.


The majority of empire's religion is Buddhist. But since the rise of the empire a new religion of the revolves around the emperor, known as the The will of Heaven which has ever so steadily rising or the last few decades.

Foreign Relations

The empire has been considered a rouge state by many nations and are on stressed terms with it, but trade is still open due to their technology and resources.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to pollution across the region, farming has become more desired over the years in order to feed the populous. But most of it is done inside cities on the roofs of buildings. Theses make shift farms are known as Bio farms since they. use all the most cutting advanced biotech to grow the food at a faster rate and made it more filling. Many of these farms can be found throughout the entire empire and are still being built to feed the masses. As for industry, the dominant products are electronics and raw resources. Electronics are cheap and durable to make and everyone wants them. This can be from service androids to holo projectors, making life easier for everyday use. Even after the war, China was still the world power in raw resources and after assimilating with the empire they became the top traders in raw resources that everyone needs so desperately after the war. Creating a monopoly on many goods since most corporations in the empire are government controlled. In each district they

Trade & Transport

Most trading is done by sea, air and bullet train since the land is more hazardous and dangerous since the war. Of course they are heavily guarded to insure that they each their destination With air and train transportation only taking on a few hours to reach their required location. They are also heavily monitored to ensure that everything is there when it arrives, imperials are very strict when it comes to time tables.


No matter where you are in the empire, all children must go to school. Even going to the lengths of abducting children to keep order in the empire. They are taught all the history of what life was like before the empire and how it brought peace and order to the land. This also indoctrinates children to believe that the empire is just and fair no matter what they do and this create obedient loyal citizens. Along with making them believe that the emperor is a god as well and dare not defy him or they with be damned for eternity. This goes on for 4 years and they are then sent to gene selection, which decides what the best job that you will have when you reach adulthood. This is done by looking at the genetic structures of your DNA and comparing it with others. Along with your family members and your personal interests. Once they decided what you will be they send you a class where you sent a government facility where you will be sent learning everything you need to know about your job. For example if you where chosen to a doctor, you would learn about diseases and medicine. These choices are final since the empire needs productivity over choice in order to bring about a better society and not one where there are too many young people wanting to go against the government. These children will stay their for months on end before retuning home to see their families. This goes on until they reach adulthood and are then sent what every place they are need fro the rest of their lives.


Massive cities have been built over the ruins of old ones since the war, with bullet trains connecting them one way or another. At the top the wealth prosper live life to the fullest. But the farther you go down the more poverty and crime increase as people live remains of pre war and post war pollution. Out side these sites the people with the most rich soil tended to have the most prosperity and tend to live simpler lives in less advanced cities and towns. Most settlement are protected by dome since much of the land has become barren or has poor soil due to radiation and pollution. This has forced many to wear environmental suits to protect them from hazardous waste and chemicals. Them there are the sea colonies where all the undesirable are left rot as they are formed to build what ever they are told to build and mine resources along with their descendants after them living in poor conditions in the process. At least sewers are seen throughout the empire along with some road ways, but they are often in terrible conditions or hazardous in the process. What water that isn't tainted is often keep in secure areas to be sanitized for use and recycled after use as well. As for outside the settlements it everyman for himself, depending where you are in the empire you can survive in plentiful lush jungles or be struggle to grow crops on irradiated soil. These are the frontier colonies, where selected citizens, often criminals or those who spoke out at the government to many time are sent to start a new settlement for the empire. Of course many them only last for a few years with everyone dying from famine to disease and those who do are often enslaved by a the government to improve the settlement more and harness its resources. Only to later to killed and replaced by loyal citizens to live in their spoils. The official colonies are much better and there purpose is just to extract resources and assimilate the native population to imperial cultureThen finally there are the borders, which are heavily guarded on all fronts to ensure that no one gets across or invades. There are enough towers, energy fences and artillery pieces to put the Great Wall to shame. The only way to get past is by crossing it legally and that cane be as difficult as trying to cross it illegally.

For the Glory of the Empire

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Empire of the Sun
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Imperial Credits
Major Exports
Electronics are the most sought after since most contras can not make them or do not want to all and raw resources are traded with every nation in order to keep them occupied from attacking the empire.
Major Imports
Food is the top priority in the empire since they have to many people to feed to begin with. The only other resource that they require is clean air since chemical pollution has taken its toll and makes it harder to breath constantly. This is done through stored oxygen and air filters.
Legislative Body
The Imperial assembly closely works with the emperor in order to maximize efforts across the empire. Most of these men and women are from loyalists fractions that have control over one part of the empire to justify their own goals ,while others are corporation representatives and military advisors.
Judicial Body
The Voice of the Emperor is in charge of keeping imperial law in balance and he is the only one who can decide if the laws are what the emperor really wants for his people.


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