Siberian Confederation


Since Siberia is a confederation each country of Siberia governs themselves rather than having any central leaderships. The only actually centralization is with the Moot, where all the leaders gather to decide important decisions on which way to go next. The High Summit is the only other thing keep law and order. They called in in new laws have to created or if something goes against that law. in Other than that each state is lead by a different leader with many going by different names. As for the rest each states functions differently from one another.

Public Agenda

To live in peace and to protect what is ours.


Life is difficult in Siberia one way or another but that does mean its people not adapt to the situation. The confederation depends on the resources they have to survive. Raw resources a plentiful in the region making them able to build what they need to survive. Silver and gold a quite plentiful if you look in the right place, which is used to by weapons and equipment to improve there chances. Most their equipment and weaponry is old Russian tech which can survive the harsh weather conditions of the region. Much of it is stockpiled as well which will las for decades if stored properly.


Since the fall of Russia during the war, the former people of Russia became leaderless for a long time. All public assets and governmental enforces where lost. Then the anarchist started taking over attacking garrisons and destroy government building all over. Western Russia was all but lost along with Moscow with groups fighting over what remained of the city. Millions of people where forced east where many perishing from the cold winter and the irradiated landscape of nuclear fallout from missile silo being destroyed. Many would settle in Siberia along with its native populations where they rebuilt what they could. With many build cities in the ruins of the old ones to try and return civilization to them. Some even tried to dry the swamps in order to gain more land in the process. Soon after different states began to form to control resources and land. Many of these states would wage war on one another to control these resources and assimilate smaller states into them. But soon enough trouble showed from Southern Asia, The Sino-Japanese Empire started marching north to take over Siberia. Seeing this knew threat the states banded together to drive of the invaders. The fighting lasted for a good while and eventually the empire withdrew its forces to the southern tip of Siberia. In this victory the states formed the confederation as a sign of good will and cooperation from on another from hear on out. Siberia has steadily been growing since then building what they can to survive.

Demography and Population

Siberia is massive stretch of land the which expands over a million miles. Most of the land can not be inhabited of course it either swampy of covered in radiation. What land that is inhabited is hard ground and populated in large numbers often leading to over crowed cites with shacks everywhere. Which is why the states try to make building bigger to fill more people in them. But resources can be used for construction alone and smaller settlements are often built outside the city. State population differ as well some having more land and less people and other states having less land and to many people. There is no actual control over where the population goes since the environment is often harsh and they let the people go as they please. There are even isolated settlements and nomadic tribes that live in the wilderness who are better off than any one else by just living of the land. There are said to be a hundred and twelve million people across Siberia.


The whole of Siberia is under the control of the Confederation.


Siberia has no official standing army, which is why many of these it’s fight forces come across all the states. With them either soldiers or militia to stand in the way of certain destruction. Siberia has no navy and only has a small air force since parts are hard to come by and are reserved for emergencies only. Which is why the army is the only thing that actually works. Since they know the land better then anyone else, the Siberian special designed vehicles to survive harsh weather conditions and move easily around terrain. Most of their weaponry and equipment consists of old Soviet tech and pre war tech. Of course these suit them very well since they where designed to endure such harsh conditions in the first place, giving them the edge over the enemy. They also perfer guerrilla warfare in dealing with the enemy and will only go into an open fight if they can win. The confederation has no navy since they are unable to build ship.

Technological Level

Siberia is considered to be a society that lives on outdate technology. Making it the most least advanced society in the world. But that out dated tech is more reliable then most technology by to days standards.


Though Orthodox Church is gone orthodox Christiany remain the main religion of Siberia. With many clinging to believing good is testing in their frozen hell scape. Protestantism and Catholicism exists hear but well but they are worshiped by a small populace

Foreign Relations

Siberia is considered beneath the notice of most the world since harsh weather and terrain have made many consider it a god forsaken place. The only people who actually want it are the Anarchist States and the Sino-Japanese Empire because of its resources. But the main problem of all conquers before them in just to endure the winter in Siberia which as worsened over the years do to nuclear blast creating nuclear winters.

Agriculture & Industry

Harvesting raw resources is the only real thing that make money in the confederation. Since its already hard enough to do just about any thing else for that matter. The only industry that actual still exists in oil refineries since only is still found in large abundances in Siberia. Most of the world doesn't even use oil any more, but those who still do they have to get from Siberia, making the confederation a good some of money in the process.

Trade & Transport

In their situation Siberia has to play in the shadows to get what they need in and out without a problem. But when you live in harsh land surrounded by enemies your have to play dirty. Often most goods are bought and sold on the black market, but it can only take you so far. trading by sea won't help either since the Sino-Japanese Empire won't let them and sink any ship they come across. Only to Mediterranean is by traveling towards the Badlands where radiation is terrible and few tings survive. They often have to travel by caravan close to the border so no one can sport them. But marauders and mutants are constantly in the region so they have to be heavily armed. If they mange to get their they have disguise ships to get into Europe and the rest is distributed to the rest of its clients. Good thing money is digital these day or it could be a lot harder getting it back.


Education is lacking in the Confederation since survival is more important than try knowing who to learn calculus. Most children are taught how to deal with day to day life and the jobs that are need in order to improve society. Jobs that need further education are often taught by their parents since it will be past down to them. Doctors, engineers, and scientists are often family business past down through the generations.


The cities are the only place that everyone needs to live a conferrable life. But they lack running water and plumbing making ver hard in the winter and summer. Water purifiers are often built to sanitize the water. The cities are also over populated making resources difficult to be given to everyone. which is why many people live in smaller commutes or nomadic lifestyle since they can get war they need from the wilderness. Nothing can be trusted to last when traveling either since roads and boats are often useless in the winter and have to be repair constantly. Which is why many travel through the wilderness in the places where its always dry. As for defenses, they don't need them since since the terrain alone makes it hard enough for anyone trying to invade difficult. Farms are also seen everywhere to feed the poluation and what they can't grow they hunt the large wildlife in the area.

The strength to endure

Founding Date
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
silver and gold
Major Exports
Oil and metal are constantly asked for by there buyer and they have no trouble departing with it.
Major Imports
Weapons, machinery, food and survival equipment are need to keep the confederation afloat or they may not survive from war or the harsh winters.
Legislative Body
Laws differ between the states but in more serious matters the High Summit is called together see in an actions currently in progress go against the laws of the confederation. These often done by well respected members of the community that put the people ahead of themselves.
Judicial Body
The High Summit is also in charge of keep the laws of the land intact.


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