The Conclave of Knowledge is the leading ruler ship of Egypt, with the best and brightest minds leading the way. No matter how far you go down the chain of command you often find that they are the smartest people in the room who take everything seriously. It’s just one big think tank with little to no room for mistakes. It might as well be nothing more than machines that are in charge of the whole show.

Public Agenda

To ensure that Egypt's advancements are not hindered and creating greater technology in the fields of science.


Egypt has advanced itself with advanced combat suits, android soldiers and combat vehicles. They considered the richest nations in the world at the moment, with armies of worker androids and more inventions being created by their top scientists and engineers.


Egypt has been around for a long time since the days of old. They where some of the greatest builders and intellectual the paved the way for thousands of years of technological advancement. But then they collapsed and their greatness fade as well as with them. Egypt never again was able to reach such great state until the twenty first century. They always seemed to endure the passages of time more than others. They endured the conquest after conquest and seem outlast their occupier far longer than they should. Egypt was one of a few regions that did not take the full blow of the war by the time it was over and quickly took over the entire northern coast of Africa as their own and expand its resources where all the other countries collapsed in the early days of the war. Creating a greater empire then that of any other dynasty since the day of their ancient kingdom. What the rest of the world didn’t know at the time was that Egypt had a trump card up their sleeve as well. That secret was alien technology they hid away from the invasion of 2020! While everyone was trying to redraw the borders of the world, Egypt was reverse engineering it and succeeded, well mostly. While they able to succeed reverse engineer the tech, they were unable to replicated the energy sources and materials to recreate it. Instead they decided to take the route of bio engineering instead. They decided to live in a society of logic and reasoning above anything else. For all other governments eventual lead to a decline over time and they knew this well with time. Emotion seemed to be the downfall of all things that lead to advanced and prosperity. So they learned to control them and lock them away though discipline and control They grew their cities in to the greatest in all the world and built marvels that would rivaled those of ancient Egypt before them. They became the leading power in technological advancement in the world. War has yet to reach them as well since the creation of this new world and they are ready for what ever is thrown at them. But their is price in doing all of this, they have outcasted all those who could not live and their society, with many heading out into the desert to live as nomads and will never know what a peaceful life is for them or their children for life is always a daily struggle for them. They are even forbidden to enter the cities since it is believed that only cause chaos to the current advancements that nation that had worked so hard to achieve.

Demography and Population

the entire north of Africa is consider part of Egypt know with much of the population living on the coast and the rest living the desert as nomads. Their at least a hundred thirty two million people that live in country.


All of north Africa is considered to be apart of Egypt. With much of populace’s of former nations enjoy a life without hardship and war.


The entire military of Egypt is made up of androids to defend the nation from attack. Which many being cutting edge killing machine that are difficult to take down. Same goes for the army and the air force with them mostly being drones. But there are still humans that sent into combat, their numbers are hard to estimate since most their jobs and task are considered classified by the government. Those who aren’ are mostly android technicians or officers in the military since they can’t rely on machines alone to do all the thinking. The military also has the best weapons and armor that can be possibly made as well making them a fighting force not to mess with. All of the combat vehicles and air fighter are also self thinking A.Is to ensure that they are the most effective and efficient fighting machines in the field. No one seems to want to join the miltary either, with only dropouts fron schools often join with no other choice in the matter.

Technological Level

Egypt is the most advanced civilization in the world at the moment and continue to do so with the scientific minds at their disposal. Their most prominent achievements are anti gravity, energy shielding, bio engineering, gene splicing, and energy weapons.


Religion is considered taboo in Egypt since it does not help advance society as it should, it only causes conflict and division in their ways of thinking. Which is why a citizens must follow the Tome of logic, a series of documents stating that logic and science is more productive then religious pursuits. They often rather have debates or philosophical discussions on how the universe and the nature of humanity. Other tend to make mathematical art work to express themselves as well. But the most important thing of it all is to control ones emotions, for a sound mind is a clear in order to see clearer picture and look beyond what is right in front of you.

Foreign Relations

Egypt has considered to isolate itself from the rest of the world since the rest of the world in udder chaos with them either rebuild their lands or waging war with one another. Which would make it difficult in dealing with scientific research and threat the security of the nation.

Agriculture & Industry

The Nile River has been the main source of food for Egypt since ancient time, with the soil be rejuvenated every year with the flood season every. Creating and endless supply of fresh soil to grow crops. This is improved by creating super crops that are larger and more filling than ever before. As for industry their factories are often automated and run by machines. With all product make and distributed by them. Most of them build androids the father increase the productivity of society. But their are still oil refineries as well, but produce less pollution than they use to. It just usually meant for trade though since oil hasn’t been used in over decade at the moment and what to make some use out of it.

Trade & Transport

When they do trade it is often done by the sea since they have access to the Mediterranean, the Nile river, and the Suez Canal. Meaning they access to to inland Africa, the Middle East and southern. They tend to not sail any farther than then that since they do not want to be affiliated in the more worn torn areas of the world in case one country gets the wrong idea that they are trading with their enemies. This could possibly create hostile tensions between them and Egypt. But in their more serious trade deals they often use aircraft drones to deliver it at a much faster pace. what is in those ships are unknown and if any shots one of them down, they programmed to be destroyed to avoid technology to be stolen and ship not to be taken.


Learning is usually at the earliest age as soon a possible in order to gain the maximum capacity possible for the child. As time progress they will learn the sciences, mathematics, and the ways of logic in order to create the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and geniuses of the next generation. Intelligence is the game of rising up in society with students often competing in research projects and many other project to improve their standing. The higher you go up, the more influence you have. You might even get a seat in the government if you stand out well enough. Egypt is to considered to have the smartest population in the world at this point. But those can’t meet the criteria often are either deported, Join the military or head out into the desert with the nomads. As for the rest of the populace once you reach your max IQ your stuck with the that you are assigned to for the rest of your life. Assigned jobs are often given out by seeing how much an individual is dedicated in a certain academic study.


Eygpt is a sophisticated nation where everything decade ahead of the world right now. They have everything that anyone could dream of, cities that rival those of the former U.S, clean energy, no pollution and plenty of resources to use. Railways often span the coast, and flying cars cover the city skies. What was nothing but desert is replaced with metal and concreate.

Experience will show you, a Master can only point the way.

Founding Date
3150 BC
Geopolitical, Technocracy
Alternative Names
the remnant, the old kingdom
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Major Exports
Petroleum and natural gases can be found all across north Africa making Egypt one of the largest distributes in the world. Much of the world still uses it to create fuel. They consider most of it unless to them since they no longer use and use more power energy sources. Oil is also traded since it is rarely used by them and often make a nice profit on the size.
Major Imports
Metals, mineral and chemicals are what Egypt needs since they are lacking in the region.
Legislative Body
The Conclave of Knowledge use logic and science to decide what is best for the people of Egypt in order to make a efficient and advance society.
Judicial Body
The Court of Intellectuals in used to see if a law seems logical enough to be placed into everyday life and to make sure that it does not cause an disruption in efficiency of society.


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