Anarchist States


There is no structure in these lands, only chaos. There are many different groups will many different rules and they don’t allow outsiders to know, those who do often get their throat slit before they speak of it. Even leader ship differ in many different groups as well, but none of them dare call themselves rulers or kings since they don't their fellow companions calling out for blood, since they don't want an authority figure around telling what they can and cannot due.

Public Agenda

To live free and never again be slaves to the powers again.


There are practically weapons everywhere, with some always carrying one. Them their bit and piece of old Russia that everyone hoarded for themselves.


Russia had always had a troubled history, with tyranny often being replaced by another in a different form. First it was the Tsars, then communists and finally the presidents. The being of the twenty first century was thought to be a knew age for the Russia people with the fall of the Soviet Union and pave the way for democracy. Put as time past nothing really changed and tyrannt ruled over the people yet again. Vladimir Putin was that dictator as he ended up with the presidency of Russia then anyone could count. The invasion of 2020 did not help either since it gave him more power and did not return it after peace was made. No one could stop him know and those who tried were often silenced permanently. Mass unrest spreaded across the country and soon enough it seemed that the country was heading towards a civil war. Then the Third World War happen, with some people siding with Legion to bring down their corrupt government. The west went up in Flame as the war continued and some people relished this chaos. No one seemed to be able to stop them at all, not even the combine power of the world. By the end of the war Russia collapsed and the region was torn into conflict. The western regions were controlled by the anarchists and remain so to this day. But in doing so they remain divided an often fight amongst themselves over land and resources to survive the ruins of the once great empire that stood before them. Nothing truly remains of what the Russian people's culture and society look like and what littles remains often are left in books that are used a scrapes for a fire. Now it is kill or be killed out hear and there are no easy ways to survive out here. The man that often calls you his friend might stab you in the back at any given opportunity. That is how it usually is by gaining this freedom fear has also come wit it as well.

Demography and Population

The western lands go old Russia are often a dangerous place to live in these days. But none the less there are still people who live there even after Russia collapsed. Of course they are nothing more then anarchist enjoy a life of lawlessness and violence. There has to be at least a few hundred states alone since so many are formed because some want to make their own claims to the land. The populations widely differ all around numbering from a few dozen to several thousand across the various groups. There are said to be at least two hundred and twenty six million people alone in the region. Surprise for a place where they just kill each other for just about any reason imaginable.


The territories span all the way from the former Russian border of Europe all he way to the Siberian border. Theses lands belonged to the Russian people for long and it doesn't seem like they want to give it either. For its really all they have left.


Their is no official military in the states, the closest thing they have are militias. Though they very in numbers, training and equipment. Guerrilla warfare is the usual game that come these with theses bands of raiders and would be soldiers. They often keep it way since the since they want to preserve resources and are often out matched when it comes to being in an open fight with a superior force in the field. But most tend to stick in their domains to protect whats theirs most the of the time, have some of importance can easily be taken from you in a moment's notice out their and being caught off guard can do that to you. When they aren't protecting their turf, they are raiding some else for resources or just the fun of it. They just take about everything from weapons to the sheets on your bed if it with anything. Weapons they use are often pre war, stolen, illegal and built. They even make their own armor out of anything they can find. As for vehicles they often modify them with weapons and armor. Horses are often used to get around faster when a vehicle is no an option. But most of all they have to obey the pact of truces when a invasion come since they all know their done for if they don't band together to fight back.

Technological Level

There is nothing advanced the is in the states, the highest level of something is often weapons that they modify to make them more powerful. Everything else in often built from scrape to suit the needs of the group. It unlikely that this will change for a very long time from now.


Orthodox Christianity has always been apart of the faith in the region for centuries, but many of the churches are striped and left in ruins as time goes by. Bu the faith still remain with wandering priest often finding places of refuge and the faithful flock to them like any other religion, but with less influence on them. But in societies like this fanatics and zealots tend to pop their head out here and there. With that they often go on mad rampages across the region killing religious minorities and trying to build s kind to build a kingdom of god with the help the goons that follow them. But their flames die out eventual and scatter to the wind one way or another. There still some out three but they are often in isolated settlements and in small numbers to be any real threat. Minorities still exist even after the purges, but very few reveal them out of the fear of being murder because of their faith.

Foreign Relations

No one like the Anarchists States at all and tend invade them with any chance they get. Though they can't seem to get rid of them because the entire pollution is against them and that never end well at all. So they are just pushed back over and over again with no progress whats so ever. Raiding parties often come into their neighbors lands to pillage and plunder as well, before heading back home with the supplies they need to survive. The only people who seemed to care other anarchist groups across the world and often cause trouble to have other places to be like the states and the black market where they often buy their weapons with other things of value that they steal during their raids.

Agriculture & Industry

Farming and livestock are what most decent people do to feed themselves or they just steal it from someone else. Industry is all but gone since the war, but settlement tend to have metal workers and homemade workshops to build what they need to survive. But some try to bring to life the old factories to mass produce things or oil bumps for their machines. Everything else is man made to improve life in the group and to further improve as time goes by.

Trade & Transport

Trade is often done by caravans across the region and only across the states. Which can be quite dangerous if your not careful enough. But most tend leave them be since they often have things that are rare to find in the region. To just wipe them out is to lose valuable resources and time doing so.


Education only on need for thing you need to learn to survive, such as geography, fix things, how to shoot and clean a gun, etc. But a few place do give actual lessons in order to get a proper education. This tends to be for the few people who want a government back and leave it up for the next generation to do it. But that seems to be unlikely from the current state of things theses days. Very few people even know how to read and write as well since it doesn't seem necessary for that matter.


There is nothing left of what use to be since the anarchists took over, unless you where an engineer it is highly unlikely that you would be able to get thing up and running again as it should. Meaning they often have to create cess pits and bumps for basic needs. If anything was actually intact, everyone around that area would be killing each other over it.

Neither God nor master

Founding Date
Political, Alliance
Alternative Names
Old Russia
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Currency comes in many different shape in the states, some are bullets and others are gold. It is often wise to carry each currency once you travel through other states since one currency will not have influence over the other in different places.
Major Exports
They don't give anything to anyone, unless its valuables that are often used to buy thing on the black market.
Major Imports
Food, weapons, valuables, minerals, and oil and are often stolen to keep everything nice and happy or they might just not survive at all. though you can get them from a trader, but at a high price.
Legislative Body
Laws have no place in theses lands for they have all been eradicated by the anarchists of the states. No has controls over the groups and they often make their own rules in their own twisted little worlds. Not try make a low for all to obey is just a one way ticket to get you head chopped off by a raider at a moments notice. Especially if someone is tries to make them in the first place.
Judicial Body
The groups of the states tend to make their own rules are often the only ones who enforced them and they often do not change them at all.


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