African Republic


The President is the leader of the republic and is voice of the people as well as their heart. He is consider a wise man and a great leader as well often caring little for personal gain. He works or guidance are what make the people prosper. Below him is is the Chamber of Elders make up of great and wise men with many years of experience with their laws guiding the people through law and order.

Public Agenda

To guide the people of Africa into a brighter future.


With control of central Africa the republic has control of many natural resources to build there economy and infrastructure.


For centuries the land of Africa had been used by European for its resources and have enslaved its peoples in the process. Even after they people gained their independence and formed their own nations the damage was already done. War and conflict was seen all across the land with no end in sight. The resources of the land where still being take by the foreign powers of the world and the people still suffered. There was no prosperity for the people only pain and suffering as time past and things became worse. The third world war caused more problems as well as Africa became a battlefield as both sides of the conflict fought to control its resources from one another. The longer its lasted the more it took its toll on the land and its peoples. Entire habitats where destroyed and the people starved along with the animal that hid from the fighting. By the time small cleared there was nothing but chaos and mayhem and all hope seemed lost to the peoples of Africa. But there where some who decided to take actions into their own hands and rebuild that many thought was impossible. Soon many more decided to join them as well and together started to build a future worth fighting for. For this the African Republic came it being to let the people choose their own destiny and not by those who where not born into this land. All grudges where replaced with unity and community. The first few years started out good for them, much of the land started to regrow and communities were rebuilt. Technology left behind during the war was used to improve life and and progress across the land. the decade that past seem to be the most peaceful one that Africa had seen in centuries. But a threat soon rose from the south form of the Zulu Empire as it waged war were ever it set foot on and slowly headed north to the republic. All resources where but into build an army that they did not have. The final after several months of tension on both sides, the Zulus crossed the border with a massive army at their back. War had come to Africa yet again and so soon. The fighting was cruel and bloody with the body count rising with both side refusing to give up ground to the other. A year had past and both sides could not gain ground at all. The republic had suffered many losses and could not hold out any longer, if it was not of the peace treaty by that came from the Zulus the republic would have fallen. With the Treaty of Thayu, the republic was once again at peace and began to rebuild once again. But they knew that war would would once again when the Zulu Empire rebuilt its armies once more and set their sight for them. They continued to grow and they built an army that was as professional as any other one in the world. They will no go quietly when war comes to their land yet again, for if they fall Africa will return to it former state with no future for its people. They the only line of defense between Africa being a land of freedom and prosperity and warlords controlling everything.

Demography and Population

Much of the lands of the republic are wild and untamed by land, with much of its civilization being built on the savannas to grow crops and build the cities as the population grows larger over time. Many still live in villages instead of the cites, but many of these villages have soon become large towns as time went on. With some even found deep within the jungles to find food and safety in the brush. There is said to be at least five hundred million people that live across the republic territory.


The territory of the republic expands form central Africa to the upper north and stops a few hundred miles from the northern coast where Egypt lies blocking them.


The African Republic's military is at the standard of a pre war military force with much their equipment out dated. But after having taken with some of their neighbors they where able to advance in assault, weaponry and robotics by a few decades. They an army, navy, and air force and have each of them balanced out in role on the battlefield. Many of these are trained in standard fighting procedure and mix it tradiation guerrilla fighting tactic. in order to gain the advantage in battle. Though not as well equipped than most militaries the military makes due with what they have and are more courageous than most soldiers in battle. Most of the military is stationed at the southern border with the Zulu Empire for any sudden attacks that may come any time. Some even are sent beyond the border for recon and sabotage in order to weak the power of the enemy to give them a better fighting chance. The rest of the time they are just training to better prepare themselves for the coming war.

Technological Level

The republic is at a prewar level at the moment and have made no real advancements at this time. Except in field of agriculture and in doing have made food much healthier and last longer than with preservatives.


Christianity and Islam are the major religions the are in the republic with some traditional African religions that are still practiced to this day. The republic allows all religions in the in order not to segregate communities from one another. But fighting between Christians and muslims still happen from time to time. This of course is often settled over in debates created by the government in order for both sides to understand one another.

Foreign Relations

The republic is in mixed bag when it come to global politics. Some nation favor them like the United States of North America, the Oceanian Commonwealth and the The Theocracy of Albah and some don't, such as the Zulu Empire, European Federation and the Sino-Japanese Empire. One side trying to preserve the republic for it ideals and the other just wants it resources, As for the rest, they remain for in that matter, Eygpt is their next door neighbor in the north and seem not want anything to do with them weather its to avoid aggression from its enemies or that they simply don't like them is still up for debate. In any case the case is the republic is current hanging by a thread to see if the world is with them or seek to destroy them.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture is more favored favored since they want to keep pollution from affecting the region and to feed their population. There are very few factories that have survived the war and most are used process goods for trade and distribution for the people. But they will be turned into war factories when they need to be in times of war.

Trade & Transport

Trading by land is what they often due since they need all available ships to defend the coast incase of a naval invasion by anyone. Trucks are quit common since they are often used for military and civilian used. They are also reliable and are able to endure in most terrain. Most often stick to the main roads to stay on schedule with their goods. But they will take more dangerous roads in cases of emergency. There are no other types of existing trade options in the republic at this time.


Eduction is fully enforced in the republic. Many children are often need to help their families make a living or with farmer help with the harvest. Those who do go are often taught the history of Africa and its indigenous people, giving them a sense of understanding of how things are like they are now. Embracing their heritage is also another taught in order to accept who they are in life at use it the strengthen their resolve. They are then taught the basic of all subject and graduate soon after. Those who want to learn more go to collage to earn a degree and get the job they asked for. Education is free in the republic since it is a crime to horde knowledge when you can use it to improve the live of other than using for your own personal gain.


It is not as advanced then other nations. They are often still struggling to get running water and plumbing to all settlement. Many cities struggle to advance as well due to a lack of machinery to do so. Most are even guarded by guard posts and tower in case an attack ever took place. Those who have advanced have the the basic needs of an average city.

Unity is strength, division is weakness

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Republic dollars are the main currency of the republic, but some people also barter for goods when they do not have enough money.
Major Exports
Rare minerals such as gold and diamonds sell at high prices on the market. Along with other metals, oil, and fruits. Tobbaco has also been in high demand since few place produce it since the war.
Major Imports
machinery is desperately need in order to advance the republic so it may grow stronger and medicine is often needed as well since there are very few facilities to make it for them.
Legislative Body
The Chamber of Elders is the guiding hand of the republic with many of them being elders from respected communities that help guide the republic by creating laws that would see the people prosper.
Judicial Body
Th Council of Constitutional Rights exists only to keep the the constitution of the republic intact and not let fall in the favor of the greedy and power hungry.


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