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Earth 2046

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Earth. 2046. Drenched only in rain, sex, and tech anymore.  
Megacities cover most of the surface of the planet. These concrete monsters are built in tiers, individual cities in size comparable to that of Old New York City in 2020, built atop one another. Neon lights and massive holograms light up the densely packed alleyways and airways at every turn of the head. Crime, drugs, and sex all plague the Megacities, worsening the further you descend into them. Back-alley doctors, druglords, "body dealers", and cybernetic "enhancers" run the shadiest parts.
Most of the Earth's natural resources are gone. Something as simple as a tree is now seen as an old fairytale. the only thing the residents of Earth know is concrete, metal, and neon.
Beck Beshan, a cybernetically enhanced man with a forgotten past, lives in Megacity Los Angeles, the second-largest Megacity structure in the world, covering 45% of North American ground. Known as a Reaper, by the design and purpose of his cybernetic limbs and ehancements, Beck works with the man Elias Tarnell, his wife Rachel, and their daughter Lydia, to hunt down those who had robbed and murdered Beck. And to find out what exactly what was so valuable to them.