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In the year 2148, technology has made leaps and bounds over the hurdles of scientific limitation. With everything taking digital form; media, communication, even one's own brain... A dawn of a new era was rising. In East Asia, the Shijing Empire has dominated the land. Promising smaller countries with the prospect of trade, and keeping them reeled in through their supply of scarce metals.   Carbotanium has become a limited resource. After a multimillion dollar excavation project done by Xiangri-La, a surprising overabundance of carbotanium was found. Making use of their SEED technology (nanotech) alongside carbotanium, Xiangri-La has created a new type of monster... Shadows. Shadows are a sleek, carbotanium suit implanted with SEED tech. Cybernetic suits made with law enforcement in mind. With the world evolving, crime was also evolving. People needed to step up their game.   Shadows are capable of fast travel, free to transition between wheels and feet. With 8k thermal imaging, pulse (heartbeat) sensors, and so on; Shadows are a deadly tool. A tool many try to get their hands on.


Shadows are used as versatile instruments of combat. The known misuses of Shadows are for Spectre gangs. The Shijing Empire's modern version of a biker gang. And other criminal uses, such as Shadow Boxing. An illegal underground sport, a deathmatch.

Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Shadows are not available to everyone. They were created for the military, but, they are currently not available to them either; since Shadows need to be tested still in the field. So, currently, they are only available to the police. Who serve as guinea pigs for Shadow testing. However, there is a black metal market and bootleg Shadows.
Shadow research first developed after the discovery of carbotanium beneath the Shijing Empire. Studying the metal's elasticity, Xiangri-La formed several projects to see how carbotanium could be used.

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