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Earth 1I9


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In the year 2148, technology has made leaps and bounds over the hurdles of scientific limitation. With everything taking digital form; media, communication, even one's own brain... A dawn of a new era was rising. In East Asia, the Shijing Empire has dominated the land. Promising smaller countries with the prospect of trade, and keeping them reeled in through their supply of scarce metals.   Carbotanium has become a limited resource. After a multimillion dollar excavation project done by mega corp Xiangri-La, a surprising overabundance of carbotanium was found. Because of this, the Shijing Empire became wrapped around Xiangri-La's finger. While there is still a government and an Emperor, the real leaders of the Empire is Xiangri-La and its multiple corporate branches. Xiangri-La is the creator of the Ghost Initiative, an act formed with the creation of Shadows. Metal nanosuits created for militaristic purposes.   The Ghost Initiative is a Shijin military act created in 2146, along with the introduction of Shadows. Previously, military powers were too focused on creating the "next big thing". The more you increase one's mass, the more power it would have. Little did they know; they were advancing in the wrong direction. Instead, Xiangri-La aimed for something smaller. Compacting their power into nanotech called SEEDs. Instead of creating mechanisms for war, they created mechanisms allowing people to embody war. With Shadows needing to be tested before being put onto the battlefield, the Shijin police force have become guinea pigs for this experiment.   College freshman Jun Shi begins a new doctoral internship in the Shijin capital of Yaoli. Every night, the hospital receives horribly beaten patients; victims of police brutality and Shadow abuse. During one of his shifts, Jun finds himself on an unknown level beneath the hospital. He uncovers loads of SEED experimentation and is attacked. All seems lost, blood is everywhere. Until a cluster of SEEDs from a broken canister enter Jun's body...