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Earth - 3327

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A world where the power of the gods never waned, where magic never died, where monotheism never crushed out the last dregs of faith, where the "One True God," Adyssym took a back seat and let the world operate as it was always intended to. This is the world of The Contractors, a world that has been in developement for the past two years, one inspired by Neil Gaiman's novel "American Gods." This is as world where magic is a branch of science, where history took some surprising turns for both the better and the worst and many things are not what they seem.


This is the world in which, "The Contractors Series," takes place in. This series is my passion project, which I am developing with the help of some friends into a fully realized fantasy world. Here you will find information on important characters and places, as well as laws of magic that govern the world. After all, this world is very much like our own, but magic in this world never died and important people in our world have less relevance in this one, and vice versa.