This world has its similarities to the Earth on the Medieval Ages, however humans aren't the only racional species and there is magic, a form of force. It also has some truly unique biomes compared to those of the earth.
It lives in a age post the falling of many great empires and all over small kingdoms are being formed, but the pains and resentment of the former empires still lives.
The story will be set mostly in the region on Eolia, on Wrun Valley Capital of the Kingdom of Credigary.

The DM's are Thomas Ferreira and Martim Viana.
Have I written enough here? Hope so.

Created by

Thomas Ferreira @Masterdutch98

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Lucky O’Callaghan was recruited at a very young age. His master, who had taken him from his life on the streets, taught him all he would require in his new life as a spy working for The Hand of God (a rogue intelligence guild). After a few years working alongside his master, Lucky had been everywhere and done almost every job a spy could do. They had toppled empires, manipulated courts and explored every shadowy recess where one could dwell. Lucky lost his master when a stray arrow pierced his chest as they escaped the site of their latest job. After burying his master, Lucky spent some time working alone, drowning his sorrows in ale. One day, while passing through the market from where his master had recruited him, Lucky felt a sudden inspiration. He needed to find someone worthy of his teachings. The search took some time but he eventually found his protégé: Ruby, a beautiful girl with fiery red hair who was as prideful as him and even more stubborn.

Ruby’s training proved more difficult than Lucky had anticipated. The fact that their ages were so similar (he was 18 and she was 17) combined with their clashing personalities led to many discussions. But, after Lucky toned down his attitude (which led to Ruby doing the same), training went along at an amazing pace and, in no time, she had become a great spy.

Together, Lucky and Ruby, worked all around the world and quickly gained a reputation for their charismatic ways. They dealt in secrets, the currency of spies, but Lucky had one secret he would never dare reveal. He had developed feelings for his partner, Ruby. Every time the job required her to flirt with or seduce someone he had to push down the anger and the desire to punch someone. But one night he just couldn’t push those urges down hard enough and snapped. When he saw the Captain of the Royal Guard getting handsy with Ruby he just let all of his anger surface. Lucky approached them and, without saying a word, knocked out the Captain with one swift punch. Afterwards he had to flee from the pub as he was chased by all the guards that were present. As he arrived the safe house he was met by a furious Ruby who immediately slapped him and screamed at him for his ridiculous attitude that almost ruined the job. During the days that followed this event Lucky received nothing but silence and angry glares from Ruby. After all his efforts to return things to normal failed, Lucky decided that the only thing he could do was talk about what was bothering her. As soon as he approached her with this subject the silence was broken and a heated discussion began. During the discussion Lucky revealed his feelings and, by the end, they ended up kissing. This was the start of their relationship. Now closer than ever, the duo returned to work, traveling to where the job required. But, as time passed, Lucky started to grow tired of being just another cog in a machine he did not control. It was at this time that he began dreaming of creating his own organization and, from this point onwards, he began recruiting. During his travels he visited many cities, most of which could have been home to his future organization, but Lucky decided to settle in the City of Wrun Valley.

While Lucky and Ruby scouted the place that would later become his organisation’s first safehouse, they were surprised by a big man who came barreling through the door. Shortly after the big man’s entrance, a group of guards came running in. Lucky, who had no interest in participating in the fight that was about to begin, tried to convince the leader of the guards to let him and Ruby leave. The leader laughed and demanded an hour with Ruby in exchange and, at that moment, Lucky decided to help the big man(who’s name was apparently John). Lucky told Ruby to wait in the other room and pretended to agree to the leader’s proposal. He went towards the exit and as soon as he was behind the group he signaled to John and started attacking. By the end of the fight, only the leader was left alive in the building (3 of the guards were dead and the last one had escaped after being heavily wounded). He was left bleeding on the floor, clutching his wounded knee, when Lucky approached. Lucky mocked the leader as he begged for mercy and then called Ruby. John, who had helped them win this fight, sat on a nearby chair and watched the scene unfold. When Ruby got to Lucky’s side, Lucky made the leader apologise for his lustful request. Lucky left Ruby deciding if she was going to torture the leader or just kill him and went to speak to John. After introducing themselves, Lucky heard as John explained why he was being chased (he had once punched the Captain of the guards) and, upon hearing this Lucky couldn’t help but laugh as he saw the similarities (he himself had done almost the same thing not long ago) and couldn’t help but feel a bond of friendship forming. After Lucky finished off the leader, the three of them cleaned the place and set off to the nearest pub.

The rest of the night went by as they drank and shared stories. At the end, Lucky told John about the organization he was forming and invited him to join as a partner. John accepted the offer and, soon after, the trio of Lucky, Ruby and John was gaining influence in the city. The name The Squeaky Duck Boys would only appear a few weeks later when Lucky used a squeaky rubber duck in a fight to make an enemy trip. As he fell, the enemy tried to warn his friends by saying “Look out for the squeaky duck,

boys!”. Upon hearing this Lucky laughed and decided that that would make an amazing name for his organization. Even though it was a ridiculous name, Lucky decided he would teach the world to fear it. Shortly after, a pub was opened at their headquarters, The Squeaky Duck. It quickly became known as a lively place with great booze and even greater booze. This was the first of many establishments they would come to own. With time, the core group of The Squeaky Duck Boys grew. Besides Lucky, Ruby and John, it now included a tiefling named Andrew and an elf named Noril.

Despite their success, Ruby missed the spy work and so, once in a while, she would go on some jobs. Lucky didn’t like letting her go alone but he was done with spy life so he did not join her. On the day a Royal messenger came looking for The Squeaky Duck Boys he was only met by 4 of the 5 core members as Ruby was on a long-term job on the Red Lake area.

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