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Welcome to world of Eaora, a post-post apocalyptic world divided into Three Realms: Azuros, Vernal, and Oria. Each Realm is a sovereign nation with their own unique cultures, native wildlife, and Maji traditions.   The present era of the Three Realms takes place thousands of years after an event called the Resurgence. According to the legends: the Spirits, who went into hiding after humans abandoned their spiritual ways and pursued a path entirely focused on technology, suddenly returned when humanity was on the brink of extinction due to extreme climate change and global wars over dwindling food and resources. The Spirits used their incredible powers to start healing the ravaged world and also gifted humanity with the power over the elements so that they could help protect their world. These people were the first known Maji and they viewed the Spirit's intervention as a second chance for humanity to maintain balance with Nature.   Now in the modern era, the remnants of humanity have evolved into the Three Realms and now struggle to remain united due to their cultural and political differences. While they have long avoided conflict, attacks by Spirits have started to increase in recent years and the Realms of Azuros and Vernal have grown concerned over the increasing anti-maji sentiment in Oria...

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