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The manghyar are birds native to Sakhemek. They are large and white, with talons that could easily rip apart a small animal, and sharp beaks. However, the manghyar are not predators, and are, in fact, domesticated. The term used by the mountain tribes is nangh tuskri, which means friend from the sky. They are well respected and honoured, for their playfulness, their wit, and their smooth cooperation with humans - also for their mischievous nature, which often results to missing pies and pieces of clothing.   The people do not own the manghyar, however they use them frequently to transport goods from one village to the other, especially when the weather conditions are perilous, or when a message needs to be delivered swiftly. The manghyar do not reside with the people, but build their large nests inside the villages, so that their eggs and young will be protected and fed by the humans. It is not uncommon for young manghyar to play with children, or for older ones to carry human children here and there for fun - even though more than one accidents have occurred - and sometimes upset parents will find their missing offspring sleeping in a manghyar nest alongside the young birds.   On festivals - or times of great need - a large basket is bound on three or four manghyar, and in it climb children and an adult, and the manghyar fly them around for fun, or transport them to safety. It must be said that, despite their mischievous nature, the manghyar are very protective of human children, or of the humans that they grew up with, and get very attached to them. Indeed, there are legends portraying the manghyar as protectors of children, or as souls of children who died young.

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Jul 23, 2019 14:10

Cool idea, especially the symbiotic relationship with people, only wish there was more detail such as what do they look like, why do they like people beyond being fed, what has been their most famous action?

Jul 24, 2019 08:47

Oh, thank you! I'm afraid I wrote it rather hastily, so lost of information is yet to be processed (some of them conceived) and written down. However, the feedback is invaluable, and I'll make sure to answer these questions (and many more, I am sure), when I write about the manghyar in greater detail. Again, thank you ever so much! :)