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Ghynzuan idioms and sayings

Swearing in Ghynzua

Ama's breath

This is a mild form of swearing used to express ones feelings about an unpleasant situation. Ama's breath refers to a huge sandstorm which hits southern Ghynzua every few years. It carries a big cloud of red sand far inland. It is an unpleasant experience for many since the fine sand gets into every crack, crevice and gap.

Stigy dung

Another way to express ones feelings about an unpleasant situation. It is sometimes abbreviated to dung. It comes from the fact that stigy's are gigantic animals which leads to gigantic heaps of dung. Obviously it is not a pleasant task to clean that up.

Common Sayings and Idioms

Passing the hot bun

Giving an annoying or tedious task to someone else. The bun refers to the steamed bread buns which are a common food in north and central Ghynzua.

She's got the brain of a stigy

Refers to someone who remembers things very well. Or someone who brings up something that happened a long time ago.

I swear by Seycha's blade...

This is a way of expressing that what you are saying is true. In ghynzuan religion Seycha is the youngest daughter of Ama, the All-Mother. Seycha is known as the one who did her mothers dirty work. Meaning she was a spy and assassin. Her blade is said to never miss. So if you swear by her blade you better be telling the truth. Fun fact: Seycha is also the name of the woman who founded Ghynzua. Or so the story goes.

He keeps striking the anvil

Someone keeps bringing up the same subject time and time again. Or it can also refer to someone who keeps talking about themselves.

Go bite a stigy

Often said in a fit of anger. It is not wise however to bite a stigy. They are normally very gentle creatures, but when you do them wrong they will never forget. Tales about stigy's marching through someone's vegetable garden after they wronged said stigy are no myths.


Is your father a rattler?

You are ugly.


You have the attention span of a toddler.

You take the osu out of the hira

You are dumb. You are doing something stupid. This refers to the medicinal plant hira osu. People used to say those words to people who (accidentally) killed the valuable plants. Eventualy it became a way of letting someone know they are doing something that is not very smart to do.

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