Ghynzuan Desert Goats

The Ghynzuan Desert Goat, also known as Nagi, is a species of small goats who are adapted to live in arid and hot enviroments. Although there are still groups of wild desert goats, most of the species has been domesticated by the people of The Southern Sand Plains. They have been bred as livestock since The Before, providing meat, fibre, and skins.


The Ghynzuan Desert Goat is small and stocky. Their smaller build is an adaptation to the desert environment they have lived in for thousands of year. They have a long white fur which helps them stay cooler in the desert heat.


Like most goat species, they have two horns. In the Nagi's case they usually grow to about 20 cm, and are slightly curved backwards.


Their eyes have horizontal, slit-shaped pupils. While their irises are ranging between pale blue and pale green. Long white lashes keep the sun out of their eyes.


Like most goats Nagi are naturally curious. They are agile and known for climbing trees and steep cliffs. Because of their hot environment, they are most active during morning and evening hours. Preferring to seek out shade and sleep during the hotter hours of the day.

Diet and Habitat

Desert goats are well adapted to live in an arid environment. They need less water than other goat species, and can eat dry shrubbery to sustain themselves. Because of their agility they also climb trees to browse. Since they have adapted to a live in the desert over hundred-thousand years ago, they prefer their natural habitat in the Southern Sand Plains. But they do just as well in more temperate environments.
15 - 18 years
Average Height
40 - 50 cm
Average Weight
20 - 32 kg
Geographic Distribution
Alternative Names


Ghynzuan Desert Goats have been kept as livestock for meat, fibre, and skins since the Nagal Civilization. They are a vital part of survival in the desert for any human living there. The goats are rarely kept for milk however, unless they are in an environment where they have enough water available, like in an oasis.
The Southern Sand Plains
Geographic Location | Jul 12, 2021

The Southern Sand Plains is a desert in the southern regions of East Eghea and Ghynzua.


Author's Notes

A big thank you to Serukis for helping me decide between cows and goats. If you haven't yet make sure to check out her article about rescue goats. Once I read it my decision was made. Goats it would be.

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