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Rulf Mistspitter

Archmage Rulf J. Mistspitter

Former Archmage of the Feakrith mages guild

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rulf looks very unassuming usually wearing simple robes and expert for when he is at the guild where he wears fine tailored mages robes

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A child prodigy from a young age Rulf was raised to be great, revered by his peers and considered to be one of the three most powerful living spellcasters in Ealathra. All the praise did inflate his ego massively. This would lead to his downfall ass once a day he asked a Bagsher Mirror if he was a great mage like Malon and the mirror told him he was nowhere close.     This tormented Rulf over time until one day he came to the conclusion a calamity was coming and Ealathra has never been in a more weakened state. He then thought to himself if he could make the races more durable they could survive the disaster and then he would have to be on par with Malon. However the more he experimented the more unethical his methods became. Eventually, he began to experiment on people on the outskirts of Feakrith starting with criminal settlements and then moving on to isolated people in the country.   All of his experiments ended up turning the subjects into horrific monstrosities he did however, unintenally create a successful subject who he thought had died thanks to her enhanced body she was able to obtain antimagic powers from a Zluukga Warlord. This subject then made her way to Feakrith and began killing spellcasters indiscriminately.    This leads the Werrat investigation Bureau onto Rulfs trail he tried to lock them in the Mages guild dungeon however they escaped and forced a trial against him in front of the queen of Feakrith. Being found guilty the queen incinerates him for his crime right in the courtroom. With his final words to the bureau " how long until she turns on you?"


Rulf was Asexual


Educated from a young child at the Feakrith Mages guild


The Feakrith Mages Guild

Accomplishments & Achievements

Published the theory on realm destabilisation Created a Human immune to magical effects

Mental Trauma

Told that he would never be as great as Malon Bagsher.

Intellectual Characteristics

A master manipulator and powerful wizard. He was able to avoid the detection of his experiments for years. He was also smart enough o figure out that a calamity was incoming before anyone else.

Morality & Philosophy

Very much the ends justify the means conducted horrific human experiments in order to create a more advanced human to survive the impending calamity.

Personality Characteristics


Rulfs has always wanted to be remembered this obsession combined with his ego when told he would never compare to Malon Bagsher, lead Rulf down a dark path of human transmutation.

Likes & Dislikes

  1. Enjoys studying the planes
  2. Likes Malon Bagsher Artefacts 
  3. Has a favourite room at the unicorn that has his favourite glass of wine 

Virtues & Personality perks

He always makes himself seem very polite and approachable.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is egomaniacal and has high delusions of self-importance
Lawful Evil
Current Status
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Executed by the Queen of Feakrith
Place of Death
Greying Gold
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pockmarked, red skin.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"How long Until she turns on you"  "I had to do it! only I was capable of ensuring our survival!"  "You made one mistake Mage Killer, Thinking I was not prepared to deal with your anti-magic quirk"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common Primordial Elvish Draconic  Halfling


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