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Feakrith (Feek-Rith)

"Subject of Feakrith! as your newly crowned king I promise you, that together we shall make this kingdom, a kingdom where any race can prosper. Where opportunities are plentiful and where we will not let a past of darkness shape our future."- King Richard Vanderbilt II, on his crowning celebration 535 DH
Description Feakrith is the Capital city of the Kruvaria Kingdom. The city predates the Dragon war but most records of it before this time were incinerated by dragon flame. The Kingdom was reclaimed from the undead in 80DH by King Ventus Vanderbilt after the final stand of Zriegas. Feakrith remains to this day one of the 3 most powerful nations in the realm with its speciality being its mage army. The city consists of 2 districts the upper and lower. the upper being the location of the famous mages guild, Feakrith palace, and nobility. While the lower district is where all races can come together to prosper and trade.


All Races are present within Feakrith, it is one of the most multicultural cities int he realm.


The day to day are handled by the council but major laws and actions must be endorsed by the monarch


The Griffon Riders (100 units) The Feakrith Navy (250 Ships) The Mages Guild (50 units) The General Army (1000 units)

Industry & Trade

As a major kingdom Feakrith has a large reserve of wealth, though a large source of its income comes from the innercity trade.


Castle, Sewage Network Druid Wildlife persevere Summoning Detection Aura Inner city transport service  Unauthorized upper district access detection


Outer City Highlight:
    1 Saltgate (mixed races populated by Guilds -Guilds, Guard Barracks, Prison)
2 Sungate (Large dwarf and human population, Armorer, blacksmith, butcher, Clothier and leather worker) 3 Forest Village (large elf and Gnome with a few firbogs locations of doctors and druid guild 5 Dog Orchards ( mixed races more a trade spot for all of the other neighbouring allies, a middle-class area-Banker , Trader, potion brewer, musician, Jeweler and Contains the lower district council) 7.Applegate (the poor area where the thieves guild operates and brothels (populated by the lesser common races Orcs, Goblins, Lizard Folk, Kenkus)) 8 Northroad (Mixed race larger pool towards humans) the religious district where all the lower level religious deities are worshipped Also the Estate agent resides here) 9 Eastgate (halfling, dwarf, human population is general living- tinkerer, Barber, Enchanter low level, Barber, Poet and Chef )   Inner City Highlight:
4 Military District (this is where the military is trained and the edge stands the main castle of the city) 6 Tannar’s Song (arts district and where the mages guild is located (also enchanters shop is located here)) 10 Winters town (high-end shops and Stores Located here) Ruled by Queen Eleanore Vanderbilt She inherited the crown in 550DH when her Husband Richard died of a mysterious illness.


Pretty much every store you can think of from all different regions of the world

Guilds and Factions

  1. The Feakrith Mages Guild
  2. The Feakrith Thieves Guild
  3. The Wererat Investigation Bureau
  4. Ratchet Bounty Hunting guild
  5. Shrapnels Beards Artisan Crafers 
  6. The Feakrith college of Elegance 


Founded under the ideal that all races should be equal Feakrith has remained a bastion for inclusivity in the realm.    In 551DH the Queen launched a full army assault on the Orc republic of Migeia which cost the lives of a dozen of her troops forcing her to withdraw. Eleanore learned the price of being too headstrong that day.   In 661DH devils nearly took over the city after a drug plot proved to be more sinister than expected. The attack was thwarted by the Wererat Investigation Bureau   In 662DH The queen disappeared after the United army took back Zriegast with her absence a newly formed council took over running the city. This did cause a stir-up as the nobility wanted a new monarch selected but no heir was available and all scrying magic indicated that the queen was still alive so the throne could not be passed on.

Points of interest

The Hanging Iilithid- a bar set up in the religious district by a famous group of adventures The Unicorn- one of the most high-end luxury Inns in the realm The Bounty hunting Guilds- supply adventures with bounties that fall outside of Feakriths jurisdiction or sometimes when the guards are over capacitated Babarzas School for Kids Who Don't Read Good and Want to Read Better - Feakriths first State-run public school


Dino Park - a zoo you can bring the family to and interact with Dinosaurs The Annual cart race- where kids work with their parents to build carts and race them. The Annual Magic Festival- Where spellcasters can compete with each other to win prizes sponsored by the Mages Guild


The majority of the city is cobblestone with some of the bigger warehouses being constructed out of common metals. towards the market districts, tents are more common and temporary structures. the apple gate a lot of houses are made from wood to cut down on cost.


Located on a flat plain near a freshwater supply


The weather is always mild and temperate, though once a year for a week towards the end of the year it snows for one week. People say this is a result of Fey magic.

Natural Resources

Hunting Game Farmland Crops
Feakrith Celebrating the end of the year
Founding Date
Owning Organization


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