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Edmund Glorybluff

Sir Edmund Bartholomew Glorybluff

Former Captain of the Feakrith Army Now sits on the council, A strong fighter and famed Griffonrider.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Edmund definalty is not as he was in his prime but you can tell there is still a bit of a fighter in him.

Body Features

A finely toned body underneath the highest quality of noble clothing over that.

Facial Features

A mighty Moustache

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Edmund inherited leadership of the Feakrith army at 18 when he impressed the queen with his combat aptitude and moral ethics. under his command, the Feakrith army kept up to standard fighting Gnolls.   Edmund saw very little combat in most of his career that however changed during 661DH where he not only had to fight off a devil invasion in Feakrith but he also had to lead a global united army to take back Zriegast. Highly regarded by many as a great leader and a man of strong principles Edmund still remain humble during his career. He had a great relationship with the Wererat Investigation Bureau and they view him as their trusted confidant.     In fact, he had to be dragged from the position when he injured himself during a routine training exercise in his 70s.   His role now is mostly administrative on the council but his view is highly regarded no matter his input.


Edmund is Straight throughout his Career has never allowed him to pressure a relationship


Edmund was Educated at the Phoenix Acadamy in Feakrith, while also be subside with a home tutour


Current Council Member  Former Captain of the army

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lead the united army during the battle for Feakrith

Failures & Embarrassments

Having a Simulacrum clone freeload off of him for months

Mental Trauma

Dealing with the potential end of the world Trying to advise Feakriths heroes on not causing an international incident  Working close the Queen of Feakrith.

Intellectual Characteristics

Edmund speaks very well, to a highly educated level

Morality & Philosophy

Edmund truly believes in doing right by the city without compromising his honour, He's willing to take the burden of responsibility so that others can live a happy life.


Stealing Vandalism Dishonourable conduct

Personality Characteristics


He wishes to keep Feakrith save, and ensure that the citizens don't have to go through another war.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes fine food and 15 year old wine,



Confident RP in front of a crowed more quiet and sombre when he's with friends
Current Status
Residing in the Feakrith Council
Current Location
Current Residence
Manor in the Higher District
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Tally ho old sports! I see you are dealing with some beasties. Allow me to lend aid" "Why did you tell me that?"
Artia, Goddess of Light
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common  Draconic Elvish  Dwarvish  Halfling
Ruled Locations


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