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Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Though at a young age these plants closely resemble regular tree saplings, they grow far faster than normal trees, and after about six years, they appear to be a small but mature tree. However, they soon lose this appearance; where the branches first start, a depression appears. The branches stretch apart, and the depression continues to deepen until it runs like a chimney to the base of the inside of the tree. As the kidnaur continues to grow, it will widen more and more until its hollow inside is about as big as a small glen with the surrounding trunk about as tall as an average tree. This stage takes about a hundred years to achieve, and after it is, the tree will begin to grow upwards until it resembles a tree of massive proportions. A fully mature kidnaur is a sight to see, yet because they take over a thousand years to grow, few dwell on the mainland.

Additional Information


Fae commonly use them for houses and homes, and it is believed that they used their magic to make kidnaur out of trees. Fae also usually convince kidnaur to grow holes that act as doors and windows. The Hollow is one of the few mature kidnaur on the mainland. However, the Hollow is not nearly as tall as its kin in the Wild, and the Fae have shaped its trunk to form many different walls and chambers which have changed its form very much.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Because they grow so quickly, Men often use them as a source of lumber

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Though sapling kidnaur are common in northern Eainor, one of the only forests of mature kidnaur found in Eainor is at the heart of the Wild. The trees are so large, their topmost branches peek above the clouds, and the bases of their trunks look more like gargantuan cliffs than trees.

They are clearly descended from trees
They can live to be over 20,000 years old, but a normal kidnaur's lifespan is only about five years because they are used as lumber by Men

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